I came here to learn how to dance my dance
I came here to learn what song was mine
I came here to paint my very own picture
I came here to find love Divine.

But from when I was very tiny
Those assigned with my precious care
Forgot I had my own story to write
Because there own seemed so unfair.

This is the story of generations
From whence we all but came
The brothers and sisters before us
Got so lost, hidden in shame.

So the sister, assigned my mother
My brother, my father became
Tripped the steps I took in dance
Let my picture run away with the rain.

They silenced the song I tried to sing
They threw back the love in my face
My light was too bright for them
In the darkness of the human race.

Their very own hearts lay shattered
Their dreams fallen deep in the pit
So they held me and my individual life
To the very same fate, unlit.

For many years I walked in the shadows
Invisible, unseen and unheard.
I limped across the craggy rocks of life
Clipped, heavy wings of a bird.

But somewhere inside a voice kept calling
“My child, my child are you there?
Remember, remember, innocent one
Remember I love you , I care..”

The voice in my heart kept stirring
The sound in my throat unheard.

I tried to sing again and again.
Like the sweet , sweet blackbird.

I never gave up, I just knew
To try, to hope was some-thing.
To the sound that eventually came
Out from deep within: to sing.

I started to find my very own song.
I started the steps of a dance
I painted my picture one stroke at a time
Love affair with my self: such romance.

Then in time I knew that voice
The one that had always been there
The sound of my true mother and father
Now found through faith and prayer.

This parent loved without condition
Myself, and each and all
Waiting forever for all of us
To get up, to dance, not fall.

The journey home is sometimes rough
Much harder than I would like.
But this is a battle for my soul.
I will never give up the fight.

As God, my Father, my Mother true
Has loved me for all time.
Waiting for me to know myself
In purity and love Divine.

Maxine 2014

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