So today I thought I would introduce you to Bob.

Bob is this guy I know. He is such a lovely man, but a bit misunderstood. I have known Bob on and off all my life and to honest sometimes I really didn’t want to hang out with him much because of what other people told me about him. Some said he was cold and distant and impossible to talk to. In fact he was supposed to have this weird system in place where you could only get a message to him via his cronies and front men, who always seem to be wearing black, like a lot of gangsters I guess. Others said it was easier just to talk to his son, who was far less scary ( maybe it was because he used to wear a dress?!) Anyway who knows , but Bob didn’t sound good.

The other comments I heard was that Bob was a really angry person. There were rumours he had even killed people, and ordered others to so the same on his behalF, that he thought women were pretty much second to men and that he really hated gay people (those two things really bugged me, I must say). He seemed to have a lot of power and was often throwing his weight around, making judgements on people, expecting everyone to be perfect. I got so scared I decided to not get involved, put anything to do with him to the back of my mind and didn’t think about him for years and certainly didn’t want to talk to him.

Then a few years ago I started to make friends with some new people and I heard Bob’s name mentioned. To be honest, I got a bit freaked out. Where was he? I was already judgmental enough on myself I really didn’t need some no-it-all telling me how awful I was or trying to boss me around. Some of these friends seemed to think Bob was ok, but I was resistant. What about all the things I had been told? It had made me very nervous and I still struggled to hear his name and speak it. Bit of a Voldemort/ He-who-can-not-be-named moment, but that was how it felt: my fear had got so big.

But the more I hung out with my friends, the more I listened, the more good things I started to hear about Bob. Turned out maybe I had been told a few lies. Seems he really was a good guy. Turns out a lot of those who were his supposed to be his cronies were just saying that to gain for themselves, from pretending to know Bob. Others told me that things had even been written about Bob which were so far from the truth it was shocking. In fact, rather than being a murderer, he encouraged us never to harm another, to only try to love more. He seemed to care a lot for everyone and did in fact have an open door policy if anyone wanted to talk. I was told he was always there, ready to help.

I must admit, it took me time to change my view because bossy Bob, nasty Bob was suddenly the nicest guy out there. So at first I was curious, I listened and watched. Then one day I decided to check Bob out. I thought he might be too busy, but it turns out the open door policy was right and it seemed no  matter how many went to see him, he was always there just for them. Well, my first conversations with him were a bit shaky. I had to admit to him I was pretty scared. When I told him how cross I had felt when I heard what a bigot he was, he laughed and then looked at me in such a way, I felt like I was surrounded in warmth.It was a it weird, but ok. There were times when I still forgot about Bob, but then I would remember and talk to him. He was always welcoming, even when I was in a bad mood and hadn’t seen him for a while.

But now, now I know him better, I talk to him most days and as often as I can. He is such a wonderful person. He has this wonderful father energy about him, but a perfect one, even better than Dick Van Dyke: so funny and patient. I am getting to like him more and more.  I also found out sometimes Bob likes to be called Melissa. Its quirky, but I don’t mind. He (or she) is so generous, so encouraging, so kind, so accepting it really doesn’t matter. In fact, you just don’t care because when you are with him you just know he is really interested in you, he really seems to care. He is not the angry, judgmental person I was told he was for all those years. Far from it, he is the most loving and non-judgmental person ever.

All this just goes to show you should never judge another person by what others say, but try to get to know them yourself. Give them a chance and you never know what amazing things can happen to you or what wonderful gains you will receive.

And I know Bob would like to meet you, so don’t be nervous, just pop round, he loves visitors. Good ole Bob… I just love him. ImageArtwork by Murphy Art





    1. Apologies for that. I am not yet ok with all the “rules” for using pictures. I just went to Google images and really liked this one. I am happy to put the artists name under the picture or change the image. I will put the artists name on it for now, but let me know if you prefer I remove it.


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