I have been thinking how difficult it is to come back as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are SO MANY expectations and projections to face, so many misrepresentations to fulfill, so many stories to correct, so much hate and judgement to face. To come back really is such a huge act of love and courage that mere words can not express.

So let’s look at what they have to face:


Mary has 2000 years of projections and judgement about her as a whore: sidelined, pushed aside, judged by the church and its followers.  She has been ignored as Jesus’ Soul Mate and wife because of some false belief about religion, sex and virginity. God and therefore Jesus are sexless in the Church.

Her own role as teacher of The Way pretty much ignored… only recently coming to light through the Gnostic Gospels. Unfortunately, even the Gnostics, though beautifully written, feels full of embellishments, more expectations, intellectually out of reach at times for many. Jesus talks of At One Ment with God, the moment when a human is fully healed of emotional injuries and can receive a continuous flow of Divine Love. The Gnostics talk of the Bridal Chamber which may indicate this At One Ment but has also become a metaphor of Sacred “Sexual” Union. I have nothing against loving sex, in fact sex with our soul mate is how God intended it to be. Unfortunately, this term has, and ironically considering the projections at Mary, be used for tantric experimentation, even with those who are not our Soul Mate.

The new age spiritual movement, which encompasses many belief systems: a kind of exotic casserole, where you can pick out the bits you like, to grow in natural love. Here Mary has been expanded into an energy, a consciousness, a series of codes even, part of the Isis lineage, a goddess and the mother of a special bloodline. Many, many versions of her story have been written and channelled. Her status as Jesus wife reinstated, but expanded, twisted, embellished to suit other’s idea of her, to fit in with their own version of spirituality. The intention may be loving, but anything that isn’t truthful isn’t God’s way of Love: it is natural love ( our version).

Many claim they channel her and many claim to be her.  And believe you me, I also was attached to idea for a while that I was connected to that Magdalene/ Isis lineage. I loved some of the books I read about her. Since I was a teenager when I had a calling to let Jesus save me, joining a Baptist church with passion for nearly two years, I had felt something special about Mary Magdalene: I knew there was more to the story than what the Bible was telling me. So later on the extra bits I read and heard of appealed hugely. Many spirits and good intentions from friends in the physical world fed my need to feel special. Of course, what I needed to feel was how un-special I had always felt, but I am glad the illusion couldn’t and didn’t last too long because I wanted authentic me more than I wanted to be a priestess of Isis. Over time I felt more into what was true, prayed for truth and then Divine Truth entered my life. But for some its hard to let go of that…. it is very convincing and it is easier to feel special, to consider you may be a starseed, a light worker, a descendent of Jesus and Mary, than to feel how small you feel inside, and to admit maybe that just discovering the wonders of incarnating into this physical world and then spirit, being one of God’s children, is actually enough. But what is it like for Mary? She has come back as a good old Aussie girl… somehow this doesn’t quite match up to the grandeur of these tales. Well that is how it seems. Now that I have watched her teach and grow on her own healing journey ( through the videos and meeting her) I think she is one of the most, if not the most courageous woman I have met. She will blush at this, but its true: she is and I truly admire her guts.

She has to deal with all of the portrayal of her being a strong, highly evolved being beyond the average human: a great being; almost a demi- god who genes and energy stretches far and wide. Even if this were true, it is how it is perceived and translated that leads to misinformation and and unwillingness to really know her for who she is.

As a woman she has represented our strengths, the qualities we would like, as well as the wounds we want to heal. She helps us feel beyond our own sense of powerlessness and smallness. The new age spirituality uses her as a badge, an icon, a brand.

A thousand or more expectations and pre-conceived ideas. To shatter the illusion of Mary, whether good or bad would be to shatter our own dreams, hopes or untruths and for many that is too confronting.

JESUS: (Yeshua ben Joseph)

Jesus only has a little thing to live up to: as God’s only son, as saviour of us all if we will receive him. A whole religion, with dozens of different branches has sprung up from this teaching. Ironically it is that same church that has altered and changed the truth of his life in the first century many times. In fact it was over 300 years after Jesus’ passing into the spirit world that the church under Constantine decided to gather in the council of Nicea and declare and interpret Jesus’ teaching: to form Christian doctrine. They declared Jesus as “one true God in deity with the Father.” Suddenly Jesus was God. In a way as he has become the “friendly face of God.” As Christianity also embraces much of the Jewish Torah and Old Testament stories where God is portrayed as vengeful and judging and angry and from those qualities fairly unapproachable, the Church managed to produce someone more comforting and comfortable. This allowed them and us not to confront these untruths within and based the Church on fear, not love. When for me personally, Jesus has always been about Love, and about God as father/parent. Even when I was part of the church I felt this.

So not much to live up to: Jesus was God, expected to be perfect and with the weight of the world on his shoulders: to save us all; to help us admonish responsibility and accountability. The Church’s doctrine was almost governmental: controlling, disempowering and fear-based. Ideal for keeping the masses quiet. But Jesus is not God, this false idea has created much harm. Jesus is a man who discovered something about God and our souls for the first time and then taught others about it. For Jesus, this change of his story, must have been difficult to watch. He came to teach about the God’s Way of Love: to show us all that we are all God’s children and can all be what he became and more, by the use of our own will and humility. Jesus suggests we become close to God, not make Jesus God.

Then there is the book of Revelations where Jesus is expected to return on a cloud on the day of judgement and reign for 1000 years. During this time, all those who were  “saved” by him will be doing ok and everyone NOT. Again heirachy, specially chosen: this is not the teachings of Jesus I know or logically accept now.

He is expected to perform miracles, to save us, to save those who chose him as God: the special ones, who believe he has wiped away all their sins. He is meant to be virginal and celibate, unmarried, his humanity, his sexuality denied. I used to ask alot of questions when I was in the church. It got me into trouble a few times! But I would think logically: so why did God make us sexual then? Why create a heart longing for love to then ask us to alone? Why would the church describe Jesus as meek when he had the nerve to stand up in an occupied, very unstable country and confront them with God’s truth about Love? If we just think logically we will find many inconsistencies in what the Church has decided. I know there are many in the church who genuinely desire to know God and be a better person, but I believe God gave us thoughts and feelings to help us find our own truth and its ok to question.

The new age movement, as it did for Mary, also did for Jesus: returning the idea of their marriage, soul mate relationship and his sexuality. However, he is made into a father of a sacred lineage and in some books I have read a Tantric master with more partners than just Mary. This being done in the name of the sacred seed needing to be sown. Why would God need to do that? I had to ask when I read that. But that is the point in much of new age spirituality: much of it avoids the issue of “God.” God is declared a consciousness, universal energy, spirit, guru and many other things. Of course much of this is because of the false beliefs about God being pretty scary may have put us off a bit. We want Divine, but not God: that’s going to bring up lots of emotional issues.

Likewise Jesus has become an ascended master, an avatar, sent here on a special mission, Lord Sananda. He is seen as a leader of a council currently helping those of us awakening to ascend to a higher dimension. There is a thread of truth in this, for me, as I believe he is back here to try to teach us again Divine Truth: just maybe not from a space ship as is often said.

Again many claim to channel him and some to be him. He is idealised and in some cases, idolised. No wonder so many of us can’t believe he would come back as T-shirt wearing Aussie and Mary too, open in their vulnerabilites: both still healing and doing once again the journey to AtOneMent.

But despite all these expectations, hopes and addictions, they have come back. I didn’t decide this straight away: I have had to tackle many of my own expectations and mostly my fear of getting it wrong and making a complete fool of myself. But the more I listen, the more I allow my heart to hear truth, the more I am truthful about  my own emotional injuries, the more I accept, at first intellectually and then with my feelings that they are here again. Nothing, no teachings have touched me like this and no two teachers have I seen before that are grounded, humble, courageous, loving and giving. And the truth is they don’t need me or anyone else to tell them who they are. I know my own name, so I am sure they know theirs.

The irony is they are still some of the greatest teachers who has walked on this planet, shame to miss out just because they don’t doesn’t fit OUR perception of what they should be. Yes it’s confronting, yes what they teach is confronting, but why wouldn’t it be? The human race is a bit of mess, so there may be a number of things we are getting wrong and not understanding… and if we really want to be the change then we should really be open to anything that might take us there. At least to listen, to read, to consider before we dismiss something or someone.

Jesus and Mary don’t need me defending them: that is not what I my intention is. I wanted to just consider the difficulties of coming back and saying you are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is truly incredible they are here again.  The truth is for too long we have accepted other people’s view of the world and of ourselves. Feels to me if we don’t start questioning some of this, we will never really reach more truth or find a way to change. So yes it is going to be confronting, but sometimes we need a good shake up and now seems as good a time as any. If we follow their example ( because that is the point – they live what they teach) with courage and humility, we really can change the world. I feel this deeply in my soul. So just considering what coming back has meant for them, what a heaven they had to leave in the 36th sphere as One Soul again, is very humbling and actually beyond what I can really understand as I am still crawling my way through the first sphere. Such a gift of Love and a pure expression of God qualities too.

Many of us believe this is an incredible time: it is.

If you were interested in knowing more, both Mary and Jesus have answered many questions on their identity on their youtube channel: Divine Truth FAQ here and here. There are also interviews with Jesus about his life in the first century: here and here and this excellent interview in two parts here and here.

Maxine x


  1. I find out about Mary and AJ one day when I googled “people who believe they are Jesus” What gave me the ideal to google this was I was in a group that believed in reincarnation and a lady believe she was Jesus in the first century. I had to correct her on this since the Bible mentions in Jesus owe words that there would be false Christ and not to believe anyone who claim to be Jesus.

    I find AJ’s teachings very interesting but to be honest with you I don’t believe he is Jesus. I did have an open mind at first but what lead me to doubt his story is what the scriptures teach that there would be many false Christ that will claim to be Jesus and not to believe. Jesus mentioned in the scriptures that He would come back some day in the clouds.

    Another reason why I doubt he is Jesus is because I am a big fan of near death there are lots of stories of people meeting Jesus face to face in a near death account. I believe that near death is actual out of body experiences in the after life. Doubters say that the dying brain is very active is why one has an NDE. But I do not believe this. There are many people who have had an NDE and who could tell you what happen around their body at death.

    For example Colten Burpo saw his dad yelling at God in the chapel at the hospital and he saw his mom on the phone asking church members to pray for him. He meet his sister in heaven who died in his mom’s tummy and his parents never told him about he miscarriage.

    Pam Rynolds describes her brain operation while out of her body. Her body was died and her eyes taped shut.yet she could describe the tools use in her operation.

    There are so many near death accounts of people meeting Jesus in their NDES. There are Muslims who have visitations from Jesus and they become Christians.

    I don’t believe AJ would be in two places at once. So there is another Jesus who does sat at the right hand of the Father and visits people in the Spirit realm but it isn’t AJ.

    The question is who is the real Jesus of Nazareth that lived 2000 years? I believe the one in near death is the one that the Christians believe in. So does AJ really believe he is Jesus? I sure hope he wouldn’t pretend to be Jesus. The Bible mentions that the Antichrist will come into the world to deceive many. Daniel 8 mentions that the Antichrist comes from the nation Greece so this would cross out AJ Miller, Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Putin, the pope. All though I wouldn’t be surprise if the pop isn’t the Antichrist.
    Do you remember those Russian wooded dolls that has a doll with in a doll each one gets smaller and smaller? I have heard that the Catholic church is like those Russian dolls. A Satanic religion with in a religion. The Catholic church covers up their secret religion called Satanism and rumor has it that someone witness a child sacrifice down in the basement of the Vatican. I hope this isn’t true but there is so much idolatry in the Catholic church. They pray to Mary and the saints and bow down to statues which is idolatry. The pop has been saying some pretty weird things lately.
    If the Antichrist comes from Greece and not Rome then this means that there are many Antichrist out there pretending to be Jesus. The actual seed of Satan will manifest some day and take over the world under a one world order or goverment. I believe this will happen when the church is rapture out of here.

    I channel a message from God that the Antichrist would be part human and part alien and machine. Sounds pretty creepy. Scientist are playing God in the lab mixing DNA.

    So do I believe AJ Miller is the Antichrist in the book of Revelation or Daniel? No. Nor do I believe that Donald Trump, Barak Obama is the Antichrist but there will be a seed of Satan that will rule the world some day.

    So in conclusion anyone on earth who claims to be Jesus is not Jesus at least that is what the Bible says.


    1. Hi, Thank you for you detailed comment. I wanted to respond as this is a common reason reject the idea that AJ is Jesus. That is he is one of the false Christ. I will try to respond to you as clearly as I can.

      Firstly, Jesus’ teaches that a person who is very progressed in Love and has a relationship with God can do extraordinary things – as he did in the first century. Also, we have not just a physical body, but a spirit body as well as our soul. So for us, when we sleep, our physical body rests, but our spirit body can travel to different places on the earth as well as parts of the spirit world. The more progressed we are the more we can do. When a person has progressed to being At One with God as Jesus did the first century and is trying to do again in this life, a person can have more than one spirit body and it is possible to communicate and be with others in more than one place. So it could be that people having NDE’s are meeting Jesus. However, our experiences in NDE are also influenced by our belief systems and it could be that a spirit with the best of intentions is claiming to be Jesus. This happens through many mediums on earth, where spirits will tell people they are Jesus , or Buddha, or someone like that in order to develop a rapport with the medium and his/her clients. However, we rarely if ever ask for evidence of their identity ( as we do in the physical world). Because of of this it is easy to be deceived. Sometimes the intention may be loving, sometimes not and happens often because the medium has an emotional addiction to feeling special.

      With the false Christ thing – yes there are and have been many false Christs, but in the end one of them has to be the real thing. When I first heard the Divine Truth teachings 4 years ago I was a bit shocked when AJ said he was Jesus. This did not stop me listening as there was something in what he said that really hit home. Then when I went to see him at some seminars he was just so humble, kind, compassionate and pretty ordinary too. There was no guru stuff, no demands for money or attention just a desire to teach what he knows and has experienced. You don’t need to believe he is Jesus to gain some benefit from his teachings, but at some point we all need to confront why we don’t believe he is Jesus. For me, he is and I am still working through emotions about that, but there are no other teaching like this and no other teacher who walks his walk, like Jesus/AJ does. But we have many expectations about Jesus’return to earth – including the arriving on the white cloud stuff. So I have looked into what I expected Jesus to be – fortunately I tackled some of my feelings about the Bible teachings years ago and it was one reason I left the church. All I can say is that listening to Divine truth is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, besides receiving God’s love. I have found it confronting and challenging, but also freeing. It is truthful, it is full of knowledge about God and his love, as well as what happens when we die. There are thousands of hours teaching. Pray sincerely for the answer, stay open and let it come. If you would like more information please feel free to email on the email address on my website. Wishing you well. Maxine


      1. Thanks so much for writing back. Forgive me if I take so long to reply back. I don’t get on line every day. You had some good answers here in your post. I do like AJs teachings. I am just not ready to believe he is Jesus but his teachings does have to do with inner healing something that the church doesn’t teach much on. I glean from different teachers on line. I feel we all have bits of truth and no group of people has it 100% right. I listen to different teachers from different churches on utub. I don’t always 100% agree but then there are a lot of things I do agree with that these many different speakers or teachers or preachers say.

        I am Charismatic/Pentecostal and I have been that since I was 16. I had encounter with God at a bible study. God read my mind and spoke a message to me on how much He loved me and He also healed me of some painful cramps I was having. From that day forward God has been very real to me. I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues when I was 17. I still have this gift and I also prophecy. I channel message from God. I have my website You are welcome to visit. Thanks for taking the time to write to me.


        1. Hi Pam, This is a very long overdue reply. I am sorry – the beginning of 2017 was very busy in my life. I am just reviewing my website and noticed this comment again. I think we touch on truth sometimes, but Jesus teaches that there is a difference between our “truth” and God’s truth and he is teaching God’s truth which is perfect and supreme really. So when he said “The Truth shall set you free” he meant God’s truth not the human ( and all our errors) version of “truth.” Jesus (AJ) has done a number of FAQs on Christianity and Bible passages. There are also interesting talks on mediumship . I am mediumistic and can channel, but I have learnt to be very discerning and discovered what who I thought I was channelling in the past , wasn’t that person. Many spirits pretend to be God to develop a rapport with us – well intentioned or not, but if they are not telling the truth that isn’t okay. If you are interested you may find those FAQs and talks useful. Also some reading material – Robert James Lee channelled Frederic Winterleigh ( known as Aphraar ) and produced a trilogy – Through the Mists, The Life Elysium and The Gates of Heaven. You may need to read them carefully as the language is 19th century English, but they are incredible and talk about the Scriptures and channelling and how we can know who we are channelling so this may be helpful too.


  2. Mary it’s time for you to come out in hiding I know that you love Jesus a lot but we would like it if you would stand in front and say your story please don’t be humble just speak out the truth with your heart don’t be scared and don’t be afraid


    1. Ezme, Mary has come out of hiding , as you say. She shares some of her story in a series of questions on the divine truth FAQ on you tube as well as running groups and talks herself. Her own growth has been an inspiration for me and I love it when she talks passionately about Divine Truth. If you look , you will find this many times. 🙂


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