Our concept of family was wrong….

What if…
We do not own our children, they do not belong to us…
What if….
They are not even OUR children,but we are God’s children,
All of us brothers and sisters.
What if..
Parents are just the physical vehicle for a soul to incarnate,
created by their true parent: Mother/Father God.
What if…
We are NOT the controllers or security guards of our children,
but instead just temporary teachers and guides..
What if…
We are not meant to tell our children WHAT to do,
but are meant to just let them experience as much as they choose,
and just teach them the consequences.
What if…
There is never a reason to punish or judge a child, only to love them through all their mistakes.
What if …
We do not deserve respect just because we are the adult,
but rather earn it by demonstrating loving behaviour in this world.
What if…
We do not need to be right all the time,
but are meant to teach the children we are in fact imperfect, wounded
and God is the perfect parent, never withdrawing love.
What if,
There are not just a few people – “family” – who we are meant to love
more than others.
What if…
We are meant to love ALL our brothers and sisters, all over the world, equally.
What if..
The main purpose of being a “parent” is to help a new soul discover who they truly are, to tell them about our true ever-loving parent.
What if…
We have been doing it wrong all this time and there is another way…


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