Not-Listening-cat in a hat

I never thought I’d been writing a rap poem… but I did ( accidently)…

I said the word ‘God’
Now that ain’t cool.
I mentioned God
And it’s against the rules.

I mentioned God
And it triggered the room.
I spoke of God
Oh it was way too soon!

Oh boy the ‘G’ word
Don’t go down so well.
Mention God
And they run back to Hell.

When I speak of God
Freeze faces, crawling skin…
If I mention God
It’s a major sin.

If I talk of God
You want to shut me up.
If I speak of God
You’ve really had enough.

When I mention ‘G’
You want to run a mile.
When I slip in God
You seem to lose that smile.

When I mention God
It really freaks you out.
When I talk of God
Some scream and shout.

When I speak of God
It causes great pain
When I mention ‘G’
You think I’m quite insane.

When I spoke of God
You said that ain’t cool.
When I mentioned God
It’s against the rules!

But when I speak of God
There is no religion there.
When I talk of God
I only share…

That our Parent, God
It’s my new find.
When I talk of God
I don’t want to hide.

When I mention ‘G’
What’s in my heart.
When I speak of God
Don’t presume, don’t start.

When I mention God
I’m just telling my truth.
When I talk of ‘G’
Please don’t hit the roof.

When I mention God
Hold on for a mo
When I speak of God
You don’t have to go.

When I mention ‘G’
It brings up anger and shame.
When I talk of God
I used to be the same…

When I heard the name
I would recoil, retreat.
When I thought of God
I would stamp my feet.

When I heard his name,
It didn’t feel right.
When I read God
I put up a fight.

To the God I thought
Was full of judgement, hate.
I was taught this God
Like all, took the bait.

The ‘G’ I thought I knew
Was false beliefs and lies
Now I feel God
Is a different guy.

Now with God
I question, look for truth.
I speak with God
And she’s not aloof.

Now it’s G and me
It’s much more real.
Try to let God in
Go with what I feel.

So with God I talk
And find love, true.
Not God from religion
The one I thought I knew.

So I mention God
In a personal way.
I talk of God
Not hide away.

So I mention God
Cause it’s rather incredible.
When I speak of God
It’s like chocolate edible.

So when I talk of God
Don’t just shut the doors.
When I mention ‘G’
Maybe just explore..

So when you hear the ‘G’
Don’t blame the name.
When you hear of God
Forget the One, of fame.

When I mention God
Don’t go in for the kill.
I talk of God
With my own free will.

Cause I’ve found a God
That I rather like.
I talk of this God
Just my thing..right?

I mention God
You mention husband or wife.
I talk of God
Like you talk of life.

So I slipped in God
In this poet –try
Mention God
Triggered you, with irony.

As I slip in God
For the last time today
I’m off to chat with ‘G’
I,m off to pray.

Pray to God
So I ain’t cool.
Well I’ll talk to God
And I’ll break the rules.

So I’ll talk of God
It ain’t so bad.
In fact speak of God
In a way, it’s rad!

by Maxine Bell @2014


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