Once upon a time there was the Great Seamstress. She lived in a place far, far, away, but with eyesight that could see far and wide, and yet could also thread the thinnest cotton through the tiniest eye of the smallest needle. This Great Seamstress had always existed and only she knew the secret of her existence. For many, many years she had been gathering threads of every colour, making needles of every size and printed fabrics of every design she could think of. She had a plan, a most incredible plan that would change her life forever.  For a long time now, the Great Seamstress had been sewing alone and had created many beautiful things in the first stages of her plan.

She had stitched a huge black fabric, and weaved into it circles and spirals of colours, and small sparkles of gold and silver that created light against the dark. Amongst the dark, were also many wonderful circular planets of different shades and colours and one particularly special circle that stood out among the rest, because of its vibrancy.

On this planet, which she called Earth, she had stitched many blue and green fabrics in swirls and waves to make the sea; she had sewed white and violet clouds into the sky, as well as a yellow circle, she called Sun that was so bright it lit up everything around it. Her needle had gone up and down millions of times creating tiny delicate flowers in many colours into the grass, which had been made from stitched thousands of times in shades of green and brown. From there, sprouted small and large trees made in rougher fabrics and tiny leaves in many different, intricate patterns and shapes: the Great Seamstress loved variety.

As the patterns grew, grey, red and brown rocks appeared in solid, thick fabrics with translucent blue rivers running over and around them. Some were big enough to create magnificent mountains. In other parts the land shapes were in yellows and ochre, soft hills of sand. As she sewed the Great Seamstress was pleased with her work and was having great fun in her creating. She began to add more and more shapes, more stitching, more hues so that more and more plant shapes were formed, more landscapes of every variety made. Her work was good, very good indeed.

She looked at her design. Here was a place to live. But who was to live there? One of the secrets of the Great Seamstress was her heart. It was a heart that spanned time and space, that grew infinitely and was so full and overflowing with love that she wanted to share this love with others; others that would be creators like her; others that could enjoy the playground she had so lovingly made, stitch by stitch. She formed a plan and she looked inside herself, for the Great Seamstress held another secret and that secret was that she was also a Great Tailor. She possessed the qualities of the imagination and skill of a Seamstress as well as the practical and mathematical skills of a tailor.

She now knew who she would like to share her love with: she would make many, many little seamstresses and tailors, who could learn how to sew, and in time become as good as she was at creating and together create a great and magnificent tapestry. She knew that as they grew, that through her magic, more threads and fabrics would be created and she would put no limits on their potential, as long as they worked with love, as she did. She grew very excited and in no time at all the first little seamstresses and tailors were born. The purpose of their life would be to learn about the greatest of all things, love and to discover their individuality, for each seamstress and tailor was capable of making their own unique part of the tapestry.

And because the Great Seamstress knew the love of her own Great Tailor, she made it so that each individual was half of one picture and when they found the other half of the image they were to make, it would bring them an even more blissful and wondrous life as one work of art. Each work of art would be one piece of the Great Tapestry of life so that she could share her love and the spark of life and existence with all of them and as they became more and more skilled in their making, the tapestry would become more and more beautiful.

However, the Great Seamstress was also very, very wise as well as loving and she knew that to truly allow her little seamstresses and tailors real creativity and growth they would need complete freedom to experiment and discover the wisest and most beautiful ways to stitch. She also knew that would make mistakes and some may even want to destroy what they making, not being able to see the potential of what could be and that they would even forget the Great Seamstress herself.

Before they came into being, to start stitching, she had already anticipated the mistakes that would be made and she had used her magic and her love to make laws that would allow her little ones to see their mistakes and encourage them to try a new or different stitch: one that would lead them back to her love and to their own potential. Those little seamstresses and tailors that progressed would learn over time about these magic laws and know how to follow them and they would not be afraid to ask the Great Seamstress for her love and help. Some of the little Ones would, however, take a bit longer to learn, would refuse her help, and would make more mistakes, before they realised the right and better way to sew their life into the beauty she had planned for them.

But the Great Seamstress was in no hurry. She would wait for eons, for all her little seamstresses and little tailors. She would rejoice in their triumphs and wait patiently during their mistakes, quietly and gently guiding them back onto the right path. For she loved her little Ones greatly, and wanted them to all to find a blissful life where they could truly express and create their uniqueness, where the stitches that they made, fabrics that they used, would make a beautiful, sparkling, everlasting tapestry together, that they all could enjoy.

And so whether you are a little seamstress or a little tailor, please know that even if you think you have forgotten how to sew, you never truly can. It is in your very beingness that the Great Seamstress created you to sew, to find your other half and to find the Great Seamstress herself. Sometimes she may seem unreachable, but that is just our own insecurity, because she is always there, always waiting and always loving you very, very much. So do not give up hope, but know that you are a very, very important co-creator of your uniqueness and part of the Great Tapestry of Love, so keep sewing, one stitch at a time; one stitch closer to your Self and one stitch closer to the great Love of the Great Seamstress herself.

@Maxine Bell 2017


    1. Hi,

      My story was a metaphor of the creation story as I believe it to be so and I agree that God created the universe and the earth and his children ( humans) and that there was first human couple who stepped away from God, but then I have a different feeling about what God did and what happened next so I do not believe all that the Bible relates. When I was a Christian 30 years ago I believed as I suspect you do that the Bible was the word of God. However, my experience and the use of my logic as well as feeling in my soul tell me this is not so. I believe like many religious texts it contains some truth, but far too many contradictions to actually be the Word of God. For me, God is about truth and about love and if that is so then there are many things in the Bible that do not resonate with Truth or Love. A simple example of this is the message that God is a God of Love and yet the Bible contains many instances when God is a willing to commit genocide. This is makes no sense to me. I feel that mankind has constantly projected his own error – based emotions and beliefs onto God and this is very evident in the Bible. I have now come to a place where I want to find out the truth about God for myself. I left the church many years ago with many unanswered questions about God and Jesus and eventually I am at the point now where I truly believe there is someone who really knows about God – much more than I do and because of that I am willing to listen, but also to question and experiment with what he teaches. I do understand where you belief comes from, but prayer to God for truth. There are some answers to these questions on the Divine Truth FAQ youtube site. For example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBCDV6ohem0. But, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will look again, but if not I wish you well. Maxine


      1. Thanks Maxine for writing again. What you say makes since. I also realize that the Bible is not completely the word of God. A lot of Christians worship the Bible. I believe God’s word is in the Bible but not every letter, every word, every sentence is God speaking. The book of Job is a perfect example of this. In the book of Job there are many people speaking. You have Satan that speaks to God about Job and God who speaks back to Satan. You also have Jobs friends that falsely judge Job for having bad luck. In the last few chapters of Job God rebukes Job and his friends for wrongly speaking of Him. Job and his friends have to repent for speaking wrongly of him. The famous scriptures that says”God gives and God takes away” is not God’s words but one of Job’s friend’s words. I also believe that Paul did not always write by the Holy Spirit and I wish he never put “women submit to your husbands in his letter. He put a lot of women in bondage when he wrote that. Of course he did say in the Lord so if the husband is asking the wife to do unloving things then she doesn’t have to submit to this. The other commandment that Paul gave was husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church but must husbands only know about the wife submitting and not loving their wives unconditionally. Paul also wrote that women should wear a covering. I believe this verse has been abuse a lot.

        Where I live we have the Amish and Mennonites. They wear long dresses and bonnets on their head. This is just plan silly to dress like this in the 21 century. Wearing a long dress and bonnet does not earn someone salvation. Salvation is by grace not by works. I like my make up, long finger nails, and wearing my hair short and pants. I wouldn’t make a good Mennonite or Amish woman. I probably get myself kick out of the religion because I would have to put my hair down some lip stick on and paint my finger nails. lol Thanks for writing


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