‘At Our House’ – A Story about Loving Restriction

Today I wanted to share this wonderful free gift from Eloise Lytton-Hitchins. She is experimenting with God’s Way of Love and Divine Truth teachings in her role as parent to 3 children. From this, comes this wonderful free book taken from the learning and practising parenting from God’s perspective of Love. She has offered this book with it’s beautiful illustrations for free and so I wanted to share it.

There are many great talks on parenting on the Divine Truth website and also via the youtube Divine Truth FAQ channel so if you want to understand more of what Eloise is experimenting with take a peek.

In the meantime, enjoy the blog and the book written by someone passionate about practising parenting in a truly loving way and brave enough to experiment and walk their walk.


I wrote a children’s book a couple of years ago (2015) and am sharing it as a pdf (link below).

It is titled:

At Our House – A Story about Loving Restriction

I have done it as a pdf so you can print it and make it into a book if you want to. If you print it out on heavier duty paper, double sided with the short edge binding option (landscape) it ought to print out neatly and be able to be bound or stapled on the left hand edge.

I have also attached some brief notes to parents about loving restriction & Spirit Influence which can be found in the second pdf

At Our House’ Story, link below (the download size is 74MB). This is the one to print if you are going to make it into a book:


A Lower resolution version for…

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