Currents beliefs about reincarnation cause great harm to people on earth, particularly children, as well as the spirits themselves.
I can explain this, but feel it is much clearer and much more accurate from those that know more than I do so below are the links to a talk where I borrowed the title for  my blog from. The talk is in two parts, but is so worth listening too and is also very important if we want to help improve our lives and the lives of others. There are also more recent feedback sessions in 2015 and 2016 on the same website ( as well as some great books on the subject of reincarnation: The Robert James Lee trilogy (see the extras page on my blog) and 30 Years Among the Dead.
When I first heard these talks I believed in reincarnation as it is currently taught in many circles and it took me time to consider and investigate what was true, but I am so glad I did.
When I was involved in new age beliefs for a few years I was told and felt I had experienced past lives. I was told I had been a priestess of Isis, the woman who wiped Jesus’ brow on his walk to his own crucifixion, a male Native American and I had’memories’ of being alive in the time of the Crusades and being a middle eastern woman who had fallen in love with an Englishman and in the end was raped and beaten to death for that love. That was framed in the story of twin flames, which is also a new age beliefs where they have altered the truth of soul mates into a more mystical idea that fits in with the beliefs of reincarnation.
As you may have noticed I had no memories of being a woman who cleaned toilets, or a man who died of the plague or such like ordinary lives and I guess that is where I started to wonder.
I read Neil Donald Walsh’s book Conversation with God and other things, but something in me was confused by the reason of reincarnation, which they said was to learn lessons. So after we die, I was told, we have a life review and look at our mistakes and learn from them. We then return to earth at some point. The trouble is when we do we forget those lessons and the life supposedly had. Not very logical – learning and then forgetting?! Also, Neil had been told he had had about 569 lives – boy we are slow learners hey! Yes, a part of me was interested in these ‘important’ lives    I had had (most of us want to feel special), but I still couldn’t make sense of my so-called learning. On reflection, I can see that the new age ‘world’ is full of people addicted to being or feeling special and that thousands of ‘stories’ have been created to support that belief.
The other belief is that we choose our parents to learn our lessons in each lifetime. I tried to understand, to be blunt, why on earth I had chosen my parents and why others would choose worse parents or situations. The idea of it all being about learning just started to feel weaker. So when I heard this talk (below) I was in a state of being a little open to what was being said.
I will also say while I was involved in the New Age movement I was working as a healer ( I trained as a Reiki Master, shamanic practices, sound and crystal healing). During healings and in other workshops I started channelling – quite easily. So I knew I could hear and sense spirits and it helped me understand and accept what Jesus talks about in his talks about spirits, including how much influence they can have over our lives.
I am now certain that the memories I was experiencing were actually the lives of the spirits around me who were trying to develop a rapport with me in one way or another – for positive or negative reason. I now understand and remember spirit interactions from my childhood and throughout my life and in my sleep state – quite a lot of it not good and in fact sometimes terrifying.
I can now see that my belief in reincarnation and other beliefs – which I was attracted to because inside I felt so lost and sad – caused me a lot of harm. I am glad it brought me back to investigating my spiritual life/spirituality, but it led me to be involved with people that used me and didn’t treat me well. The twin flame belief, the being a priestess of Isis stuff is full of dark sexual practices disguised as something postive, loving and special.
I know many of you are interested in reincarnation and will emphatically say you had past lives just as I did, but if you are truly interested I hope you can investigate further and consider this further information. So stay open and be willing to really discover what the truth may be even if it shatters what you thought you knew.
Because the talks were done in Brazil, they are in Portugese and English so here is the transcript if you find that easier.
With love,

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