Jesus & Mary: December 17

Hi… this is a newsletter from Mary and Jesus and what they have been doing. I am so overwhelmed and blown away with the thought and organisation that goes on “behind the scenes” of sharing their knowledge and love with the world.

Also, a little while ago I wrote about a blog about how taking action is essential if you want to bring up emotions and that God wants us to experiment and I have breaking out of my own apathy in the last year. (another post on that in the future) but in this newsletter Mary highlights something really important about taking action that gave me a ping moment about myself so thanks Mary! I won’t give the game away, but do take a peek…

Notes Along The Way

Time for another newsletter from Jesus and I.

First up, I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for a new video from us for 10 months. I’m pleased to let you know that we have just made 14 new presentations live on our main YouTube channel.

In all we have almost 60 new videos loaded on the channel and they will all gradually become public as Jesus finishes adding the descriptions and other final settings over the next week.

Jesus has been completing the work for the YouTube channel as I write this today and I just realised that it is the 25th of December. For people who don’t “do” Christmas, it does seem as though we are delivering you with a Christmas present of sorts.

This time of year tends to afford Jesus and I some quiet space to work on projects or ourselves while others…

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