The Science of the Soul #01 – The Wonderful World of Emotion

A really helpful, thought (or feeling) – provoking blog from Tristan… I love the analogy of the sea of emotions we all exist in… I have been experimenting and emotional awareness is a game changer….

One Soul Story


I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a whole underlying current in the world that is all about the emotions that humans are either feeling or holding onto. I personally imagine it as an invisible sea of emotions that has its own tides, currents and patterns of temperature, that all humans are creating, absorbing and are swimming in at the same time.

You can feel it when you are at a concert where a feeling of elation and power takes a hold of large group of people and becomes so amplified that the air is electrified with it.

You can feel it when you are with a group of friends and you all can just not stop laughing, even though you are all unsure exactly what sparked the laughter.

You can feel it when you have to tell someone that you fucked up badly, you are…

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