This piece of writing…well its a unedited poem I guess, was inspired by a talk from the 2016 Assistance Groups that Mary and Jesus created. The whole series are incredible, but this one called the Creation of My Real Self (link below) inspired me and as I have an aspiration to write it came out like this…

I am currently undiscovered

An inkling in my true Father’s eye.

I am currently an unknown

Except to my true Mother’s heart.

I was born and taught by those

Who knew no better

And chose not to question their way.

So I grew undiscovered:

Hiding, hidden, afraid…

A little soul open to all things

Good and bad,

Love and unlove.

In a world, sadly, where unlove is the rule

Of behaviour, thought and action.

I am one of generations of Lost Ones,

Where pretending is our game

And delusion keeps us the same

And insane.

We get given an outfit to wear by our parents.

One that suits their image of us.

That cover is so thick and heavy

Grey, full of dust.

Laden with ancestory fear and pain,

“Don’t be yourself,” it screams,

“It’s too frightening for us.”

“Conform, conform,

Do as you’re told.

Don’t rock the status quo, child,

We know best, of old.”

Old thoughts,

Old habits,

What have they done?

It’s a crazy world of wars.

Individuals, nations, cultures clash.

So no wonder the children are hiding,

Shrivelled by the whip

And sounds of screaming voices..

“Don’t shake the status quo!

It’s a crazy world for sure,

But it’s all we know.”

But ask yourself this question…

Is it really true?

Or is it just an excuse to nothing do?

Driven by terror,

Caused by abuse.

Because I am undiscovered,

Even by my Self.

But in heart there is stirring,

Where is my real self?

The outfit I am wearing feels

Impossibly hard to remove.

But I’ve just undone a button

And a shaft of light shone through.

Because it turns out not all of old know fear.

Some found the light before me

And now they’re right here,

Teaching the Truth:

That there is a different Way.

“Don’t give up,

Keep seeking, look everywhere.

You can lift yourself,

With God’s help, from all despair

And hate and fear.

There is a real you,

That’s calling.

A real you in there.

Forget all you thought you knew.

Knock and the door is answered,

To real and Divine Truth

About Love and goodness,

compassion and joy.

You can have all these things,” they say,

“If you stop hiding, pretending,

Angry, afraid

In apathy, narcissism, so very sad.

Be bold and brave,

Forget status quo!

Have faith in your true Father,

Whose all-seeing eye

And infinite heart

Is calling you home.”

“My child, my love,

My Dear One…you really are there,

The pinnacle of My creation.

And I am so pleased.

In you a seed of gold sits,


Waiting for you.

To choose

To grow it, nurture,

Hold it dear.

Water with Truth, leave behind your fear.

Seek the Love that I offer:

Real, everlasting Love…

Not the fake love you’ve known.

See, you can be all the things that you’ve dreamt,

And so, so much more.

Your wings are infinitely expansive

If you choose My Way.

Come home to the true you.

You are a unique and glorious piece of

My eternal tapestry.

Come, my prodigal child

And be welcomed.

Come home to me

And find your Self,

True freedom, wonder and reality:

Beauty like you’ve never imagined could be yours.

I have so many gifts waiting for you

And I long for the gift of your Self to you.”

So I am currently undiscovered,

But I hear the call.

I’m wondering who I am

In God’s tapestry of all.

Love Maxine

Resource: The Creation of my Real Self Talk

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