Hi all,

As a reminder and encouragement to myself I created a chart. I have now transfered that information to a PDF, which I am sharing in case of any you might find it useful.

I have discovered another elephant in the room lately: lack of humility. I want to write more about that and addictions in the future, but in the meantime made this, which I have pinned on a window I face every day.

The information is all from Divine Truth seminars on YouTube and the side text boxes are all quotes from Jesus and Mary from talks on denial, addiction and fear in 2012 in the USA. I found creating this actually a lovely thing to do especially as you see the contrast between the top of the chart to the bottom: from unlovingness to lovingness; from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight; from complete lack of self knowledge to self knowledge and self-love (including the other half of our soul) and from no relationship with God to a relationship with God, our true parent.

It’s not a complete picture, so please adapt it as you wish.

Thank you to Mary and Jesus for sharing this beautiful process with us all.


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