Hello All,

Welcome to my new look blog website!

This update is all about my new focus on certain areas of my life and taking more responsibility, being more accountable after looking at what is really important to me. I have been through the website completely and noticed it was a bit messy, difficult to read in places, links to other blogs were missing and some blogs were too long or just very out of date and no longer relevant.

I re-read every post, deleted a number of them and chopped out chunks from many of them because it was repetitive, somewhat narcissitic rambling in places. I can’t guarantee that has completely gone, but I have tried to be more specific and get to the point of the topic I am writing about, without constantly telling you my story. The need to do that is an addiction where I have probably been looking for commiseration, or trying to hide my own shame about how I feel about myself and it doesn’t feel good anymore and it probably never those of you sensitive enough.

I have also updated and provided links correctly ( Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!) to the Divine Truth YouTube Channel or other resources. I have updated all the pages: About Me, About Divine Truth and the Extras page is now the Resources page – which is updated and added to. The website has been updated to include a side bar and footer bar for searches, sign up and contact details.

The final job, which I have not completed yet is to check all the categories for each post to make searching for a topic easier. At the moment I feel there are too many, which may be difficult to navigate. I am learning the tech as I go so I may discover something else that will improve the efficiency of searching even more. I’ll let you know.

I have been really exploring some of my desires recently and considering how to share myself and what I feel passionate about more honestly so I am not certain where I am going with this blog exactly so I may experiment a bit and see how it feels.

I sincerely want to be more loving and more responsible. I hope the changes help you and that it feels easier to read.

Warm wishes, Maxine

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