Whilst resting on my hike, paddling in the shallows on an isolated beach today, I looked out to the ocean; reflecting and I heard “Soul Diving.” This poem followed…

Soul diving

Isn’t about staying in the shallows

And telling yourself,

That’s enough.

The shallows are

Where the small fish swim,

The odd nip of crab

On toe.

It’s a start no doubt –

Lots to see:

Limpet, sponge and jellyfish;

Coral reefs

Of finger-like structure where

Rainbow fish dart and dive.

Where eels slither,

Alongside the shrimp.

All very ‘pleasant’

These little discoveries;

Those clues to more…

“But I feel safe in the shallows,”

You cry.

Yes, so do I!

But we’re missing out, don’t you see?

Of the deeper mysteries

And curiosities, hidden far below.

The Soul is a vast ocean,

Whose endings we don’t yet know;

It’s full capacity.

To expand and grow

We must dive deep and deeper,

Down, down with the giants,

The sharks and whales;

The creatures whose names are


Where our fears sit –

These imagined ghouls.

We must have courage, my friends,

To dive deep

and deeper.

To destroy that which is unwanted

Debris: must be cleared.

To find the treasures below;

The secret caves of Light

From a source unseen.

We imagine only blackness,

But know not the Truth

If we’ve never looked.

Ask those that have gone before:

What is it like in the far below?

How wide and deep is my soul?

They can tell you.

They have dived deeply,

As the light in their eyes

Can tell you.

They know…their Souls.

They know where they truly come from

And the potential of where they are going.

The only way to know

The extent and intensity of

Who we are

Is to dive passionately,

Profoundly into all the corners

Of our ocean Soul.

To stretch our very beingness

Across the universe.

Because Love wants us to.

Soul diving,





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