I sat by a pebble today,

On a beach, beautiful;

Far from the madding crowds.

The pebble looked right at me

And I noticed his friends.

I sat in a community of pebbles today,

On a beach, with blue-green sea;

Far from the noise of modernity.

The pebbles didn’t move,

But I heard their whispers…

“You sit in a community of eons,” they said.

“On this beach, with the soft summer breeze,

Far from the activity of human life.

We hear you wondering, listening,

looking for some truth.

Yet you find some Truth uncomfortable,

On this beach, under turquoise sky and gull.

You feel we represent the rocks in your heart.

That have sat, for so long in you:

That you’ve held onto and carried in life, so far.

You’ve heard the heart should be a moving ocean.

Not the beach of grain and stone.

You believe the stones won’t move.

And your heart feels heavy and tired.”

They called out, “Oh Ye of little Faith!”

I sigh as the words, no longer whispers, sink in

On the beach, where toes mingle in sand.

“Not just lack of faith,” I say.

“But an excuse, a fear- so a lie I hold onto.”

I recognise this truth: it’s my CHOICE.

I watch the tide come to me and then retreat,

On this beach, under cliff where pink flowers grow.

“Watch,” whisper the pebbles, “Watch!”

Then I see it…I see them…

The pebbles moved!

Of course they do, I smile, of course;

On beach where the powerful flow of water

has the power to toss, turn and shift rocks.

Where the Sea of Feeling E-motions

Can move even the biggest rock from my heart.

Grateful, I grin at the pebbles and stones,

on beach: pinks, greys, yellows and blues.

As again this incredible natural world

Shines a light from the Creator:

on the Truth of God:

Faith, Will, Choice to swim in the Ocean,

Not sit on the beach: waiting for what?

God knows He made us to swim,

to dive to the depths, to rise again:

And more fun than the beach!

@copyright 2020 Maxine Bell

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