The other day in my reflections about God and Divine Truth (God’s Absolute Truth) I suddenly felt this is a Living Truth. It may seem obvious, but only when you feel something does it become true. I’m not saying I have the full awareness of what this means – I am pretty certain I do not, but it feels like the beginning of something…

Divine Truth is not just a bunch of cold facts and scientific evidence (though it is scientific and factual). But what I feel is it is not a thing of the mind: but a living, breathing truth because it comes from the living, great Oversoul that is God. This truth is part of God – of his attributes, principles and laws. Along with Love it is part of the core of who God is and what She creates. Everything functions with and within this Truth and Love: everything, including us.

So, we are held in Love, within God’s infinite heart to a degree that is impossible to comprehend in our current soul condition. Whilst listening to the talks from the 2016 Assistance Group: Understanding God’s Loving Laws including the final talk, ‘Knowing and Loving God,’ this is one of the things Jesus talks about is how close God is. We often feel that God is so far away or we are so far away from God, but Jesus, said in these talks, it is not true. God is there, here – knowing our every thought, feeling and action, interested in each of us. Some of you will remember the Bible quote, “Even the hairs on your head have all been counted…” (Luke 12:7)

Jesus, says time and again in his teachings that Love and Truth have to exist together. To truly love, you must be truthful (from God’s perspective of Truth) and being truthful is loving. Many of us struggle with that, hey? But Mary and Jesus live that way – God’s Way and aspiring to be perfected in living that way: based in Love and Truth, no matter what and living this Way is the way we connect with God.

In the first century, Jesus wrote the Divine Love Prayer (the correct ‘Lord’s Prayer ) and it says,

“I know that I am the greatest of Your creations, and the most wonderful of all Your handiworks, and the object of Your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care…”

If you read that, understand the Bible quote above, look at the beautiful world God created for us and many more things, you can see the depth of Love – even just intellectually – that is God’s Love for us. There are a million clues out there and only we are in the way, but the main point is that this Love and this Truth is felt in God – it is emotional, it is energy – living, passionate, pure energy and constant creation.

We come from God’s Love, based in His Truth: we are part of this infinite Being’s existence who wants us to learn to Love more truly, more greatly and to feel how Divine Truth is part of that Love: a soul attribute of God. This Truth therefore pulsates through all creation and holds great power too.

It burns brightly, like a living flame and the way to truly connect with it is through desiring to connect with God and what I am beginning to understand is the difference of trying to become a more moral and ethical person/happier on our own compared to doing it with God and living in this flame of Truth and Love. I have so much addiction to self reliance for a number of reasons, but when I consider God, as I am doing more, it’s not logical to resist what God offers me.

A beautiful and moving way to understand the difference of doing it “My Way” and God’s Way is by listening to some mediumship sessions recorded by Jesus and Mary in 2018 with a spirit called Sebastian, who was the spokesperson for a group of atheist 6th Sphere spirits. The sixth sphere, for those of you who don’t know, is the highest level of soul development we can get to without a desire for God (in comparison the earth is currently in the first sphere): it is the sphere of perfected human love, morals and ethics and the process is long and uses a lot of intellectual methods and thought processes to learn how to live more lovingly. In the first session Sebastian and his friends come to ask Jesus some questions after listening to the discussion Jesus and Mary were having on forgivenes and repentance. A few weeks later, Sebastian returns having shifted from self reliance to God reliance and transitioning into the 7th sphere. Here we get to hear and feel as Sebastian compares the happiness he felt in the 6th sphere to the happiness he now experiences in the 7th. It is palpable, incredible and beautiful. There is a richness and depth and peace to his happiness in the 7th sphere, that is not there in the 6th: it is a wonderful example of where God reliance, instead of self reliance, leads you.

It is the similar to “our truth” verses God’s Truth. Our truth is changeable, unreliable; it can be fleeting; it can be manipulated or used to manipulate, therefore not always loving: a flame that flickers out all the time.

God’s truth is eternal, unchanging, reliable, safe, powerful: a beautiful, infinitely burning flame of Love as well of Truth. I tried to paint what I was feeling, but it felt as thought there was no way I could paint enough layers, enough colours to create the life-force of this Truth, but all I could feel was, I was maybe on the edge somewhere, looking in and around me: a tiny spec who God is calling to walk into the heart of the flame and burn away everything in me that is not in harmony with this Truth, by opening up to this Love that is waiting for me.

Added 6th December 2020

I just wanted to add some further references to Divine Truth. Jesus and Mary did a whole series of FAQ’s on the topic: Divine Truth and if you’d like to understand more specifically what Divine Truth means these are good to listen to. The FAQs examine in detail what truth is, if Absolute Truth exists, what ‘personal’ truth is, what living in truth means and the qualities and attributes of Divine Truth and the link it has with Love, and this one on the fact that it is emotional, not intellectual explains what I tried to say above.

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