Since Jesus was here in the first century men have edited and re-written the story according to their own agenda and emotional/spiritual injuries and it is likely that many writings were destroyed, hidden or disappeared and today I wanted to give you a chance to find the truth of his life as like many, I learned a version of the story that is not true and in fact harmful.

I was brought up in a Christian background: Sunday Schools in English village churches, then a period where my mother became a “born-again” Christian for a couple of years, but left. Then when I was 17, after an invite to a music event I didn’t realise was Christian, I too found “Jesus.” It was a powerful experience and my heart felt like it had been blown open – it was overwhelming. I joined a large Baptist church and fully threw myself in and even ended up running the Christian union at my school. However, at the same time I was doing Religious Education A Level – something I had signed up for before I went to that music event. I’m interested in understanding life and what we have to learn from history – and I loved the teacher. Mrs Savini encouraged us to question, discuss and debate. We learnt about the Bible, it’s historical context and the roles of myths, parables, archeology and such like. I was fascinated and did further study outside of school and learnt about things like the Council of Nicea, which established many of the staunch beliefs and rules in the current church.

I had always been a questioning learner and I took this into the church, being the only teenager in the church who went to the Tuesday evening meetings where they discussed world events in the context of the Bible. Remember, evangelical churches believe that every word in the Bible is true and is God’s word. Despite the fact, ministers study theology and must look at history, they still preach it as The Word of God. I remember in those meetings asking questions and being given a biblical quote as an answer, which was often less than satisfying. I started to question the logic or rather lack of it. Then one day I was pulled aside by the minister and told, “Thou shalt not question the Lord thy God.” I was shocked and then wondered why God had given me a brain.

I was also having uncomfortable feelings about the inequalities in the church between men and women, their feelings about homosexuality and for some reason I felt there was more to Mary Magdalene than we were told. The more I listened to the sermons where they talked of a God who would order genocide in the Old Testament alongside the simple message of God’s Love that Jesus taught, the more confused I became.They seemed to see no contradictions in their statements, but contradictions was all I could see after a while. I was even wondering if Jesus was God – I started to feel he was a great teacher with a powerful, simple message that we were not understanding, but actually God – something felt off.

Added to the fact that life at home was crazy, my mother suicidal, unhappy, discontented as she had been for a lot of my life and I never felt good enough. So to me, God became someone who judged and shamed me and I could never be good enough for Him (these are emotions I still grapple with). Then, at the Easter assembly in my school, I did a monologue as Mary Magadalene – where she talks of her pain at Jesus’ death (and before he reappeared to her). Connecting to her/my grief it was a powerful performance and my tears were real. I think some of my sadness was my disappointment in the God and the Church and when I went to church that Sunday I realised all I felt was a lack of sincerity in many to really know me. I was so lost at that point and no one saw. That was my last visit to the church.

I stayed away from churches and God for many, many years and couldn’t even say the word “God.” But I have continued to look for answers about my life, about suffering, purpose and meaning of life. I have read and experimented with other beliefs, including New Age philosophies – which seem to allow you to mix and match all sorts of things. This seeking, particulary for the Truth, eventually helped to to find the Divine Truth teachings in 2012.

It turns out that some the feelings I had back when I was 18 about Jesus and Mary Magdalene were true. Listening the Secrets of the Universe talks, like many of you, blew me away and something swooped in and hit my soul. Could this man be Jesus? Everything he said made sense.

Photo by Mary of Jesus in their second incarnation/return – taken from her blog –

I’m not sure I have completely resolved that issue for myself, but that doesn’t mean he is not Jesus. I would say the evidence that he is, is very strong and having studied the New Testament a lot and read other books on Jesus when I was younger: he is very much as I thought: a great teacher with a beautiful message; a man connected to God; a radical, courageous man. Mary as his soulmate, makes complete sense too and just as I know I am Maxine, they know who they are. Also, they live what they teach – the “fruits they bear.”

I have a desire now to help correct teachings from the Bible – it is time the Truth was told and no-one but Jesus can tell his own story as well as it should be told and today is the right day, because particulary today the lies about Jesus are strong across the Christian church – especially about his birth; his identity; his message and the idea of sacrifice. So below I have put links to four amazing interviews in 2012 with Jesus about his life. If you prefer to read via a transcript they can be found on the Divine Truth website under the year.

I found them very moving, very personal and a sense of what a Great Act of Love Jesus, Mary and the other 12 have done in returning to Earth again.

  1. Interview with Jesus: Jesus’ First Century Life S1
  2. Interview with Jesus: Jesus’ First Centry Life S2
  3. Interview with Jesus: The Real Life and Purpose of Jesus P1
  4. Interview with Jesus: The Real Life and Purpose of Jesus P2

On the Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channel there area series of questions about Christianity and the Bible & Biblical Quotes. Another good source of information is The Padgett Messages – channelled messages by Jesus and his friends who correct many of the Biblical “truths” about his life and purpose. You can find free downloads of some of the messages on the Divine Truth website and other sites or the books can be bought on Lulu.

Wishing you all a Truth-Full New Year. 🙂

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