Last year, during lockdown, I created a few videos for children about how to start writing poetry and so had to start a YouTube channel. I had no equipment apart from my 11 year old laptop, but I did enjoy making them and as you will notice I knew very little. I am learning more, but I have decided to maintain the channel and create different playlists with videos that may be helpful or interesting for others, but also are about my own exploration of my interests and passions. It’s just under my name Maxine Bell.

I have the following playlists:

Everyone’s A Poet – a fun, how to write poetry for children using senses ( okay for adults too!)

Nature and the Environment – which includes talks by Jesus on Environmental Recovery (highly recommend) plus talks on Rewilding, which is something I have a growing passion for and a little ant video made by yours truly, when I was volunteering with Buglife last year.

The Truth of It All – will include Divine Truth Videos or good videos made by other’s on Gods Way and possibly some personal ones I may make at some point.

Books That Changed My Life – Books that inspired and helped me, that may inspire and help you. It started as a FB page, but now I am going to re-do it and make videos which are more succinct as my first attempts were not planned well enough to paid enough attention to detail, which made it hard for the listener. So, videos to come…

It’s an experiment and a little of sharing myself and hopefully inspiring others to seek Truth and explore who they are too.

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