This bird can’t fly…


This bird is caught in chains,

that started,

when placed on her

as a chick.

She didn’t know how many

for years.

So she kept trying to fly

with them.

And everytime she crashed,

flat on her face,

she blamed herself.

This bird can’t fly…


She didn’t know that ignoring

the chains

meant she created more

of her own,

as her body

bruised and battered

from the effort

of trying, got weaker.

Escape not possible

until she could see

what was really holding her back.

This bird can’t fly…


Time and surrender

was needed

to see the truth.

To feel the weight

she had been bearing:

placed by her captors.

Threatened by her beauty,

they tied her down.

Enforced their will

on her fragile, new soul.

This bird can’t fly…


But she’s looking now,

at the chains that bind her.

Angry, afraid

to let the sadness come;

the overwhelming tears of

her pain.

The truth that her captors

were her parents.

The one’s who should have

let her freely grow,

but who instead

have laughed at

her attempts to fly –

certain of their power

over her.

This bird can’t fly…


But she surrenders

to her feelings.

Raging at her life;

shaking with fear

at the confrontation

truth brings.

Until she breaks.

She sobs, she cries

for a long time –

until she is spent.

This bird can’t fly,

she thinks.

But she feels lighter,

brighter, more at peace.

She looks at her feet –

the chains have gone!

She looks again

and sees that

the puddle of her tears

have melted their metal grip

and she is free from them.

Her captors are no longer giants,

but just other birds

and she cares not

what they think.

This bird can’t fly,

but she stretches her wings.

It feels strange

and new.

She stretches again and

this time she can step forward.

Her wings gently move

and she feels the breeze

this creates.

Her joy touches


and she flaps,

and runs,

and flaps.

Suddenly the ground

beneath has gone.

She is in the air –


to be

all she should be!

This bird,

this bird…

Can fly.

Maxine Bell 2nd March 2021

Image by ketoanhutech2014 on Pixabay

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