Sweet Meadows I love;

Green, wispy, long-haired carpets

dotted with yellow, pink and white:

design of God.

Bird chorus in bush and tree –

a sweet backdrop

to this scene of grasses

bending in the wind

and singing in the sun.

As I sit, my soul

moved and soothed

by the vision of

my Creator’s Hand.

Where hidden are a

million little creatures

working in soil and seed.

Some seen, some buzz

seeking the nectar of life.

Butterfly comes to

tell us of change,

of the metamorphosis

where the old melts

and the new is born,

radiant and gentle.

The meadow is a teacher

as well as a healer.

Sit and seek,

feel and find

the deep and widening Love

that flows through

its shadows

and secrets.

Of a meadow

sweet and giving,

Truth- telling

of the place made for us.

This home,

this earth,

this wonder

of who made it for us.

Thank the sweet meadow

for showing us


@ Maxine

Devon, UK

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