I had to read this a few times until I got it. I notice alot how we dismiss things that don’t fit our world view because we don’t have experience of that particular thing. We dismiss it as untrue often without even investigating for ourselves the POSSIBILITY it could be true.

This happens when I mentioned I can sense, hear and sometimes see spirits (humans who have passed from the physical and now live in spirit world). Something I have experienced for the 50 plus years I have lived on this planet. I am patronised, condescended to, ridiculed, dismissed and looked at as if I’m crazy. That person doesn’t ask me questions about why I know this. Without any personal investigations my testimony is just considered a wild fantasy and untrue. I have never flown a space ship, but I don’t say its not possible. There is evidence I can find it’s possible just as there is 1000s of years of evidence life continues after death.

The same process applies to the idea of God. An atheist says God does not exist that there is no evidence He does. But is there evidence He doesn’t? How can we be sure of either stance until we investigate for ourselves. I have always been a very questioning and curious person and I started off with the idea that if God wasn’t real how come we have talked about Him for so long? Why do so many want there to be a God? Where did it all start from? If it was just an idea or a story it sure became a huge one – bigger than any ever told and it still is being told.

Its a bit similar to the soulmates for me. There are certain ‘beliefs’ that permeate through soceity and history that are retold and retold, often something that connects to us in our hearts – be it God or the idea of “the One” for us. My logic always felt that those kind of persitent tales probably held some truth in there somewhere. Just as many creatures in the world have an innate sense of survival, seasons, temperature and even geography, we as humans also have many innate senses about things so may that ‘idea’ of God or soulmates had something in it. Until I could prove there was no God definitively, I had to be open to the idea that God may exist.

But we don’t do that, we often just react to some truths being told to us or suggested as truths and dismiss them. We have an emotional reaction and if it comes from a wound inside us, a false belief – our own or societies then logic goes out the window and we don’t even ask the right questions or investigate it.

It’s the same logic with abortion. What evidence do we have that an 8 week fetus is not a full human? The truth is we’re not certain. We just want to be just a “bunch of cells” to fit our view and excuse the action we take…to avoid a bunch of emotions really: fears about loss of control of our lives and our bodies, multi-generational wounds and anger in woman about powerlessness and abuse. In our modern world, we have claimed our equality, by also declaring we can be as immoral as a man has been, have sex freely with as many as we want and there be no consequence, even though the only 100% guarantee of no pregnancy is not having sex. We have desensitised to our own conscious and lost our morals along the way. When I was a young teenager I had a strong sense there was one person for me only and that was all I wanted. I also had a strong sense that I didn’t want to have sex with lots of people, but over time I picked up soceital beliefs and because I was desperate for a man’s attention and ignored my own inner moral compass with dire consequences. As a midwife I also had a strong sense that life began at conception. I can’t explain why I just felt it and yet when I became pregant in unpleasant circumstances I let my fears ignore that inner compass, my conscience and had an abortion. I knew straightaway that what I had done was wrong and I was devastated.

With abortion, we use the words “it’s not viable, it couldn’t breath on its own”, but we kill baby animals to eat – they are viable, but we still kill them for our convenience. I have been with people when they are dying, I have seen babies die and I have been honoured to deliver many into this world. For me, I have plenty of evidence and I can sense quite clearly some of the emotions that make people hold onto current beliefs about abortion and yet there is more evidence to confirm life begins at conception. We just don’t want to hear that. I guess I feel if we’re not certain when life begins should we really take a risk on 50 million souls a year?

My experience with spirits and listening to Divine Truth teachings, which has helped me understand my life long experiences with spirits, as well as being with people dying when I was a nurse, has confirmed to me that there is a spirit world, that our physical body is not our only body and that we continue to live in our spirit body. For me it is not a belief, it is a certainity. It is my “normal.”

This past year or so, so many people have had so many opinions on the pandemic as if our opinions are the truth. But they are not, they are just that – opinions. They may feel certain or we may want them to be certain, but until we see evidence or do an experiment or investigate something further we can not be certain. but, in our instantaneous world, we often can’t be bothered, are addicted to being ‘right’ or proving our point.

We need to take a more inquiring scientific approach to Truth, even with spiritual things. Even the thought that science and spirituality are two very seperate things: one based in fact and the other based in fantasy is wrong. There is no evidence to confirm that belief. As we know science gets it wrong too and science is just an investigation, experiment of something – a search for evidence or proof of an idea. Spirituality and the spiritual world can also be examined and it is logical that if the physical world is full of scientific study and evidence, that the spirit world would be no different. We know about black matter and the idea of other dimensions existing – so it begins…

The Divine Truth teachings have given me answers to questions I have had for a long time. I still have to really know a lot of them in my heart and experiment more, but the experiments I have tried are proving the teachings to be Truthful. It’s why I continue even though I struggle to crack through to deep emotions. Learning the Secrets of the Universe and all the other wonderful information Jesus and Mary share has gifted me more than I know. My perspective has changed. I have hope and I have knowledge that has given me a bigger picture about myself and all of us, as well as God.

Many may read this blog and dismiss much, some or all of what I say and the fact that Jesus and Mary teach these teachings seem to be a big block for most. Again, Jesus saying he is Jesus just gets dismissed as too far-fetched or crazy and they don’t investigate further. Sadly, many miss out just on this one issue. Its like choosing to stay blind, when I see these teachings as helping us shift our monochrome world into stunning technicolour. They have put the colour back into my life and I have hardly begun my journey.

Here’s food for thought from The Shack by WM Paul Young,

“There are times when you choose to believe something that would normally be considered absolutely irrational.  It doesn’t mean that it is actually irrational,  but it surely is not rational. Perhaps there is suprarationality: reason beyond the normal definitions of fact or data-based logic;something that only makes sense if you can see a bigger picture of reality. Maybe that’s where faith fits in.”

This is true that many things only make sense with the bigger picture of reality. One I have found with Divine Truth teachings, but the teachings are also always logical and based in fact – but it may only feel like that when you have investigated for yourself and broken through the false beliefs and emotions that block you from hearing more and opening to new truth.

I just want to add, Jesus teaches we don’t truly know something until we know it in our heart. Our knowing has to be soul-based and emotional for it to certain. Many of us can testify we know lots of things in our head, but our heart isn’t sure. I know intellectually that the trauma I experienced as a child wasn’t my fault, but in my soul I still feel that somehow I was to blame because I wasn’t enough, or so terrible I deserved it. I haven’t released the grief of those events so my soul is still stuck emotionally at the ages these things happened. My intellect isn’t enough and not strong enough to override the false belief. If you consider how many times you feel the conflict of head and heart. I guess it’s another thing to investigate.



*The link to the first Secrets of the Universe talk is in blue above and there are 3 more follow on talks which make the full talk. It covers Universal Truths about God, the human soul, soul mates, incarnation and spirit world. These talks are a great overall view of the Divine Truth teachings.

**I also recommend the FAQ on the Human Soul

***There are also whole playlists and othe talks on the Spirit world, our relationships with Spirits and mediumship (which we are all capable of). In the resource section of this blog there are books with furhter information on the spirit world. Here is one talk: Spirit Life: what happens we die part 1

****Honestly, there is so much good, amazing information – so many answers to so many ‘big’ questions. Its a great opportunity to flex those inquistive and curious muscles you have. πŸ™‚

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