All works by Pia Mellody I am finding great Pia Mellody All works by Dr Kenneth Adams Dr. Kenneth M. Adams – Overcoming Enmeshment   I am really starting to feel what a true assault on the soul it is to be engulfed by the opposite or same gender parent. I often feel unable to…

More resources on dealing with family enmeshment, incest and family or one parent engulfing — Expiating My Soul

This is a blog by my friend Becks and relates to my last post For Crumbs…some of the results of the emotional incest from my mother. The emotional incest that has impacted my life hugely: it is a terrible thing and the more layers I discover the more horrified I become – not only for myself, but for my son, where I unknowingly harmed him in a similar way: my learnt twisted version of ‘love.’ Emotional incest is very, very common in families and like Becks, I have started to notice it everywhere so its great to see such resources out there and no doubt I will blog about it in more detail at some point and I look forward to the YT videos.

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