I have decided to take a serious look at my addictions, after having slid back down into some of them heavily in the recent weeks and then it started to feel really dark, shameful and yucky. That’s a good thing and better than being completely numb to the impact on my soul.

I’ve come up with a plan to help me pay more attention to myself, my body sensations and emotions and part of that is to use some questions I came across that I had written on a scrap of paper and then stuck in a draw! I am not sure which talk they are from, but I thought I would share them for any of you wanting to consider if you are taking loving action or acting in addiction.

So, here are the questions that Jesus suggested that I think are great to use to assess if you are truly wanting to love or just wanting an emotional addiction with someone. So:

When someone wants to do something for me:

  1. Does this person REALLY want to do that?
  2. Is what they want to do in harmony with God’s Love?
  3. Is what they want to do in harmony with love of themselves?

If NO to any of these question don’t accept what they want to give me.

I have added and flipped these questions for when I want to do something for others.

When I want to do something for someone else:

  1. Do I REALLY want to do that?
  2. Is what I want to do in harmony with God’s Love?
  3. Is what I want to do in harmony with love of myself?

If NO to any of these questions don’t do it.

Remembering that anything we do that is out of harmony with love damages our soul (which includes our soulmate) and the souls of others. It also prevents us receiving God’s Love – the one big thing that can help us with this whole process.

But I thought if I asked these questions as often as I can before I take or give, it will slow me down, help me tune into my real emotions and then I can make an informed choice (hopefully to love). Not going to say it won’t take some practice, but it seems like a good foundation.

If you do a search on the Divine Truth YouTube channel you will find many talks comparing the world’s definition of love vs God’s definition of Love.

But I also wanted to mention some questions, that my friend Courtney uses frequently herself and encourages her clients to use for food addictions. They are questions that can be used for addiction before you act in the addiction preferably:

  1. How am I feeling? Get as specific as you can. Not just, “I am sad” but what are you sad about.
  2. What ‘positive’ emotions will I feel if do this? ( the reason you want the addiction)
  3. What negative emotions might I feel if I don’t do this? (the emotions you are trying to avoid by feeding the addiction)

Remember all addictions – physical, emotional and spiritual are harmful and out of harmony with love. I have written more on this topic, but a better source is the Divine Truth YouTube channel and website.

Courtney’s website is www.courtneypool.com if you would like help with addictions around or about food and eating.

Hope this questions help.

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