What beauty yonder,

As mists and sunlight mix.

Distance holds secrets in its palm.

If this place were new to me

I wouldn’t know

what lies beyond that line of trees.

If I had never sat on this rock before,

I would imagine green fields and hedges,

dotted with occasional stone farmhouse

and barn.

Or I would hope for woodland,

rich with life and air so pure.

My lungs rest in breath.

I notice the distant sound of a vehicle

and imagine a road winding up to a village.

Or would that vehicle be a lone traveler,

like myself?

But I am no stranger to this place.

My feet know this land well,

and I know the secrets that lie in the mist.


You will have to dream it.

For to dream is to imagine,

And to imagine is the first flame of creating.

So dream, my friend

and love the moment you are in.

What lies hidden in the mists for you?


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