As you know if you have read the About Me section of my blog, you will know that the biggest game-changer in my life has been discovering the Divine Truth teachings, which teaches us how to live God’s Way (of Love) by having a personal relationship with God and a sincere desire to receive Her Love into our soul for its transformation, not just to a perfected human, but also to a celestial being.

It is only this way that will truly transform your soul to its highest development, its deepest love and greatest joy. You can progress without God, but the road is slower and limited (to the 6th Sphere) and from my what I have read and listened to the happiness on that road is good, but far less deeper and richer. It’s hard to describe in words and because I am still a way off, I don’t have the personal experience yet. My experience though has been investigating and trying many others way to heal, to be happy and to understand the meaning of our existence and nothing has ever – ever – compared to what I have learnt through the Divine Truth teachings. I truly believe I would have passed by now, either through illness, harm from another or harm to myself, if it had not come into my life. It is a gift, so huge, most of us on earth who have engaged it, still don’t fully understand the depth and power in that gift. If you have received God’s Love you have had a taster of THE greatest gift, the feeling of being loved no matter what and the gift of Truth that comes with receiving that Love.

However, it is very confronting and there are no hiding places and you can’t pretend, falsify, lie or try to deceive God about what you really feel or who you really are. God knows our darkest thoughts and feelings, our deepest wounds and longings and also the true person we were created to be – a child of God reflecting the glory of who God is and how deeply He loves us. But because it exposes everything in us that is in error and unloving and because doing it emotionally is the only way, many of us are taking a long time in demonstrating the gift in our day to day lives and behaviour. It brings up fear and shame, because what happened when you were a kid and you made a mistake? In our resistance and self-deception, we reach for addictions and we are easily influenced, by people in the physical world, but also the spirit world.

Some of that influence is loving, but whilst we are still unhealed, alot of it is unloving, even if the spirit feels he or she has a good intention (many passed family members fit that category). Spirits that stay surrounding the earth are attracted to us because of similar injuries or because they are similar to those that caused our childhood hurt (as we release our hurt, the influence decreases). Often a co-dependency develops, just as in our physical relationships. There are many talks on this topic, including why so many spirits are still earthbound and not in spirit world, on the Divine Truth website and YouTube channel if you are not sure what I am referring to. Also check my resources page.

Currently, in the world they are billions of spirits who stay earthbound and there are large groups of spirits in very dark conditions who don’t want Divine Truth on the planet and are invested in influencing people who follow Divine Truth – creating doubt, resistance and even rebellion and trying to halt our progression or even degrade our soul condition. As we know (hopefully), listening to Divine Truth teachings does not mean we are on God’s Way and does not mean we are in a high condition in love. From my experience, I went through a period when I became arrogant about the teachings and so became more unloving for a while, and I’ve seen that in many others too.

Currently, these spirits are feeding into our unfelt emotions about injustice and powerlessness, helping us avoid feeling our fear (which we are in agreement with) and fuelling our anger and rage. If we are not fully feeling our rage (privately), or holding onto it, and not feeling our fear they can influence us hugely. But I want to reiterate, that their influence over us also reflects our soul condition and we are responsible for that – it is not the spirits fault. Both them, and us, are acting out/living in our emotional injuries, rather than feeling them. Sometimes, though, they will just attack us and I find this especially happens when my desire for God grows, or I take step forward with my desires. In the last couple of months, it has felt pretty intense at times and I am not sure this post will go down to well with them, but I wanted to remind us all to have awareness, humility and prayer.

Many of you have really strong feelings about the vaccines, both as a toxic substance for your body, the possible side effects and also of course, all the mandates and ‘authoritarianism’ surrrounding it. We are having a trauma response to much of it. I understand the concerns and feelings I have them too, but I am also feeling that it can be used to distract us from our relationship with God and developing faith that human love and especially, God’s Love has far more power than any evil. I ‘protectively’ keep my walls up to receiving love a lot of the time, but I do feel and have felt that darkness can never rule. It still terrifies me at times, but most of my life, I have felt that darkness would only end up even destroying itself. Dark spirits have to hang out in such huge groups because they are weak in power. God designed it that way – the more love you have, the more truly powerful you are. We mustn’t forget that.

I have also heard that some have shared comments about what Jesus has said about the vaccines, that you may not agree with and may feel you want to pull back from the teachings. That is really sad, for many reasons. One is that when we receive just bits of a conversation, we never know the context of what was said in the full conversation so we need to be cautious about thinking we know what was said, when we don’t really. Information is also passed on and received through our personal filters, many of which are still in error. Two, who are we to judge Jesus when we have a plank in our eye? He has worked tirelessly for years to be here, teaching again. He left heaven to come back and we have no idea what that has cost him, Mary or the other 12 who returned.

Three, I know I don’t know the truth about things like the vaccines. I am not in a high enough condition of Love to understand the full truth of the vaccines and the bigger picture in which they sit. I have struggled with it, but see there are levels of love and some things may override others. So for instance, I was really sad about some of the things I heard via the recent COP26 talks, about what is already happening due to climate change in parts of the world and thought that if having a vaccine meant travelling to these places to help people, that would be more loving, than me sitting at home in the UK doing nothing, because I am refusing a vaccine. I am not saying I know that for sure, but it is just one of the many scenarios, I have considered.

There is also a rabbit hole of information out there on the internet about vaccines, governments, conspiracy theories etc. On one hand it is great it is getting exposed, but also finding truthful information is tricky and searching and researching endlessly, can be used to distract us from the most powerful thing we can do – grow in Love, learn about God and ourselves, pray, feel, follow our desires and grow the desires to know our soulmates, have faith and want truth. Ironically, if we do focus on our own progression, we will receive more truth and know what to do.

Many of us, have deep emotions about authority, but blame, shame and projecting rage will make our soul conditon worse and contribute to all the mini-wars going on across the globe. We are part of the creation of our leaders – they reflect injuries in us and they are injured. I am not justifying any unloving actions, but us blaming them is unloving. They don’t have to make us feel safe, free or happy.

There are evil things occuring in the world, there is a lot of dark spirit influence occuring, but there are also billions of unloving acts every day that occur by all of us. We have to own that. Being truthful will be the first step to being less influenced.

So yes, we need to feel the feelings this is all triggering (great opportunity!), but we also need to be careful about self-deception emotions or deception via influence that is actually pulling us away from the path. It was happening to me and I still feel every day I need to pay attention on how I spend my time and there is a battle going on in my soul. However, I realised or was helped by my loving influences to see that I needed to focus on the core parts of the path: a relationship with God, my blocks to Love, Truth and humility as well as self-responsibility.

It upsets me, that I am not more progressed, that my passion for this path is not consistent and because of that I am not helping as I could, but at the same time, I am so grateful that I do keep coming back to it – back to God, back to all the beautiful information I have at the touch of my finger on a screen or in books, like the Padgett messages, or via my guides.

Most of us, are not around Jesus and Mary often, if ever, and its easy to forget the love that is demonstrated when you are around them. It is easy for spirits to plant seeds of doubt in us, when we haven’t resolved the issue of who is he and what he knows. In the end the Way, is about God, not Jesus, but 2000 years of teaching stands for something.

I am as open to all this, as many of you are, but it felt okay to just remind us of why we found this path, why we are still here, what difference it has has made to our lives, the gifts we have received from Jesus, Mary and others who are closer to God and the potential it has to influence this world positively. Anything, that helps us recognise the power of our own soul when it chooses Love, in a time like this: where the source of it is the parent we have all longed for and who passionately longs for us, is a great, great thing.

I feel like we have entered World War 3, but we are being confused as to who the real enemy is and where are real power lies. We need to pray and to drink of the waters of God’s Truth about ourselves, the Universe and of course God Herself, so that we are not influenced and distracted by the ‘ways of the world.’ (which includes earthbound spirits). There is a bigger picture – Thank God!

But for now, we are part of the this world, part of the problem and part of the solution, so we need to be aware and humble.

My prayer is for all us on this path and all who are finding it every day. It is the light that shines in the darkness when all other lights go out.

M x

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