Beautiful post and update by Mary, including some key points about world events that can really help in our self-reflection.

I’ve been watching events, been triggered by many things, but I realised a while back that I was part of the creation of all this. Something in my soul led to these leaders, this pandemic, this war, these lies, these lack of ethics and morality: my own lack of humility and integrity are partly responsible for this ocean of mess we are sitting in. Then the question is: what am I going to do about it?

I’m lucky I found the teaching of Divine Truth and watch two extremely loving and compassionate (and patient!) people walk their talk, live in truth and love with humility and integrity. But I also have no excuses to continue the way I have been. Those of us who found God’s Truth and yet haven’t progressed either at all or only a tiny bit – maybe we are the craziest people of all. We received a gift wrapped in pure gold and we never unwrapped it, because we let ourselves be distracted by the fake gold all around us because “we are used to that one.”

This post and the thought that I had played a part in this mess is painful, but I also found it empowering. If I have faith in God’s way, I can help change this world just by changing all within me that isn’t love. That’s it: simple. Not always easy, but simple, especially when we involve God: the most perfect help we can get and the source of Love. As the source of Love, that’s where the best education in Love is of course. All this pain and suffering: it just a re-direction: God saying to His children “That’s not the way home, my loves: that’s not the way to a beautiful, carefree, abundant life: that’s not the Way.”

Simple, logical, beautiful, loving.

Notes Along The Way

Hello & Thank you

Hello and thank you to all of you who have written to us over the past year to say hello, express your gratitude, or to ask how we are. We are both very well and I’ll share below the things that have our attention and focus at the moment.

We also express our gratitude to those of you who continue to donate to us. Even when we are not publishing new material, we are always recording material, and planning and experimenting with ways to share God’s Truth with the world.

Our desire is that any person can easily access and hear God’s Truth free of charge, in a way that they can understand and relate to. This creates the opportunity for people to experiment with their relationship with God. Once a person has that relationship their faith grows and they can continue to develop with God…

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