In my third video I share my key learnings about what NOT to do and what TO DO if you are following the Divine Truth teachings. This is not a difinitive list, but are areas I have reflected upon that have delayed and slowed down my own progress on this path that should be able to give you some areas to reflect on in yourself. There is nothing wrong with the teachings, but there is error in us all that impact our choices we make when we discover Divine Truth. 10,000 people subscribe to the Divine Truth channel and if we were all actually taking the information into our hearts, developing humility and living in truth, taking actions and growing our soul our lives and possibly the lives of many in the world could be different. It’s been 10 years since I discovered Divine Truth and I am here today because of it, but I also could have changed my soul more in that time, so I hope you can learn from some of my mistakes:

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