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Crazy, Mad, Insane!
It’s quite common to hear these types of words used in retail sales advertising to describe their wares that are at well below the “normal” prices that a sane person would sell them at, in an attempt to entice people looking for a bargain.

However, these words originate from stigmatic labels that often shame and ostracize people with serious mental illnesses, insinuating that they are far from “normal” (from the World’s perspective).

An example of advertising used mockingly of Mental Illnesses

While there is growing awareness that Mental Illness issues are becoming increasingly common these days, there is evidence of its existence throughout the history of mankind. The extent of the condition can vary from mild (anxiety or depression) to serious (psychotic episodes), where the person becomes a potential harm to themselves or others and requires separation from general society.
In all cases, a reduced quality of…

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