Please check out this blog from Mary. I am here and I write this blog because of the time, effort and love of Jesus and Mary, but I am also here because of all the other people who practically support the Divine Truth teachings and Gods Way Ltd organisation – and guided, taught and cared about me when I was in Australia on the Volunteer Selection Programme. There is a whole programme of activity that happens beyond seminars, looking at all areas of life: the environment, innovation and science, families and parenting and plans for much more. The four people mentioned in this blog give their hearts, time an energy because they want to love, God’s Way and help many, many people in the future. The world is crumbling as we know it and my feeling is many are and will seek deeper answers to life and discover God’s Way. I have had some money issues in the last 10 years and have only been able to donate sporadically to Divine Truth. I am shifting that finally, step by step and one of my heartfelt desires in improving my finances is to be able to contribute larger amounts to Gods Way and Divine Truth more regulary because I truly believe these teachings are the biggest gift we have on the planet right now. But I also know that it is much more than the teaching – it is living God’s Way. I saw first hand the environment work going on; Corny’s experiments with building materials; the incredible IT work and attention paid to creating good quality videos, storage and recording of all scientific and environmental experiments; the quiet passion Catherine has for nature and the natural world, as well as God’s Way and Eloisa’s humility, courage and hard work. We receive so much free stuff on the internet we can take it for granted, even feel entitled to receive it without considering the time and effort that may have gone in to producing it. All these guys demonstrate Love is not passive, its very alive and very active.

Notes Along The Way

There are four individuals who currently work (most of them full time) for the God’s Way Ltd not for profit organisation. They are Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, Catherine Spence, Cornelius (David Walsh) and Kate Eckersall.

Eloisa, Cornelius & Kate provide essential services to both God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd. Without them, Jesus and I would not be able to achieve the day to day requirements of managing God’s Way Ltd, or be able to provide as many Divine Truth Pty Ltd services free of charge as we do.

Catherine provides finances for all of God’s Way Ltd operations. All current God’s Way Ltd operations would be impossible without her constant help.


Eloisa is the Managing Director and Company Secretary of God’s Way Ltd. She is also the Administration Branch Manager, and the Environment Branch Manager (she manages the day to day operations of all administration and environment projects)…

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