This is a song I absolutely love, by my beautiful sister, Bex. It gets me everytime. If ever I met a soul with music as part of the fabric of her being its Bex and now it is interwoven with her love for God. Stunning…

Her song: Who Are You Going to Love?

Bex has a website:

*** Update: I have continued to experiment with making more videos and like following every desire it gets refined. Watching myself, I can see some things I want to change a bit, some addictions, some fears that are playing out, so just sitting back for a couple of weeks, trying to be humble so that. There are some big topics I started the whole video channel for which I have been avoiding so they will be happening, but just like this blog, it’s an ongoing experiment. Sometimes I’m closer to the truth/more sincere, alot times it’s a mix of sincere and error-based emotions. I am pursuing a number of desires at the moment and it really does work – it is as Jesus so beautifully puts, “an unfolding of truth” and developing more humilty, as always is the key. Its a big area for me – I have alot of false beliefs and fears about emotions, love and parental injuries I project at God and others rather than feel that childhood pain. Key areas I want to change to be more loving, more me and receive God’s Love Becks music always cracks through my walls, so thanks sis.

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