A half is not a whole

And never can it be

A single can’t be double

Or an ‘I’ be a ‘we.’

Somewhere deep inside

It’s known, this is true

That a me is kinda sweet

But not as good as when with you.

Many say I’m not a half

On my own I’m very whole

As if a half makes you less than

An unworthy soul.

It’s not that your less than,

Its that you can be more –

If you grow your half of soul

It will open up the door

For the other half of you to come

To stand heart to heart.

The perfect mate God designed

Such potential when not apart.

It’s the joining of two bright stars

In a black and darkened sky,

Brighter than the largest sun

That can never, ever die.

A dance alone is a lovely thing

But a partnership divine;

Two bodies moving beautifully

Together hearts entwined.

Its not a loss of self

It’s a greater understanding.

Not a needy filling gaps

Or something demanding.

It’s a deeper dive into the self

A journey of discovery

A deeper love, a greater growth,

Reclaiming and recovery.

A place to learn to love

As a gift as was intended

Matching passions and desires

A love that’s never-ended.

By Maxine Bell, June 15th 2022 – Inspired by the movie ‘The Starling

Image by Alexa_Fotos, Pixabay

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