I recently spent two wonderful weeks in Portugal with Pierre Joseph on some land he bought earlier this year. Pierre, like myself, has a desire to learn to love God’s Way and we are both passionate about the natural world and how we can help recover land that has been damaged by things like farming practices, the use of pesticides and herbicides, excessive mining etc.

I have seen Pierre on many Divine Truth videos, but until last year did not know him personally. I contacted him after watching some interviews he did with some people who listen to the Divine Truth teachings in Australia and we became friends. When I heard about his project on the land I couldn’t wait to visit and see for myself.

The land, Tapado Do Castelo, is in east, central Portugal in Serra de São Mamede national park and Pierre has not just set it up to recover the land, but also to allow visitors to come either to camp or to volunteer, using God’s Principles, as taught by Jesus and Mary – the foundation of which are Love and Truth (God’s definition, not ours). This means that any visitor must be willing to receive feedback about unloving emotions and be humble to their emotions and the truth. Pierre and I have both experienced the Volunteer Selection Programme with the God’s Way organisation in Australia as well as attending assistance groups and other talks.(Read more about my experience here) We have both had loving feedback from Jesus and Mary and others in a better soul condition than us – the member of God’s way, who volunteer their time/life to this path. It is hugely challenging at times – particulary if you are not humble to the truth or emotions, but ultimately, when you do soften to the truth you have been told, it is freeing and soul-expanding. Pierre is not claiming to be in the same condition as those in God’s Way, but he has sincere desire for God and to learn more and is following his passion – wanting to do it in a loving way, so it takes courage to set up a project like this. Jesus and Mary have started to take step to building their first learning centre in Australia (see Mary’s blog here) and maybe Portugal will be a forerunner to a European one!

Pierre is currently setting up the site to receive visitors, but is relying on donations to make it ready so please do look at his website for more information, if want to contact him or if you wish to donate. There are still essential things he needs to buy for his own comfort and the comfort of his guests.

I was so excited to visit and as a bit of an outdoor girl, who walks alot in nature, has camped a lot and lived in rural areas I already have a certain resilience about losing my comforts and besides I think it is very good to confront our comfort zones (though at times I have may have been unloving to myself with uncomfortable living arrangements too). I knew I would be camping in a small tent ( though thank you for the mattress, Pierre!) and having an outdoor shower reliant on the sun to warm it up as well as using a newly built vegan compost toilet or depositing my ‘goods’ or peeing among the plants and trees. I have done this before on long hikes and it feels a good thing to give back something to the earth. So you have to get over the poo shame thing!

But back to the land – I pretty much fell in love in the first 5 minutes. It is already in a state of recovery with lots of ferns and other recovery plants growing as well as chestnut, cork, pine and other trees dotted around. For a small piece of land it has lots of different areas and micro-climates: more wooded areas, grassland, larger ferned areas, drier more bare areas and it is teaming with insect life. Set in a higher altitude region is it open to lower temperatures in the winter (and while I was there there for a few nights even in the summer – I brought a bit of England with me!) as well as cold, strong winds. But of course, it still has the sometimes searing heat of the summer with little rain. There were parts that really and fondly reminded me of Australia.

I absolutely loved watching all the many, many insects at work. I love them all, apart from the mosquitoes as I still haven’t worked through the emotions that causes them to attack me a lot. But there were so many ants large and small using their superpower strength, organisation and team work and occassionally biting your toes if you accidently interfered with the plan. A wonderful variety and number of beautiful butterflies and moths, earwigs, crickets and lots and lots of spiders. Portugal also has snakes, but fortunately they stayed in their hiding places while I was there.

However, there was one little creature that particularly captured my heart – the newts and many of them. There are many around Pierre’s cabin, but many, many more living in the old stone walls that were built for livestock. I called the first one Nigel and there was also a Daniel and a Matthew at some point, but generally Nigel became the name for most of them. They got used to me and one day when I was doing some mediumship with our guides and Nigel gently walked over our feet unafraid and attracted by the love.

The land had no water or electricity supply so his first priorities have been to set up a water supply, which involved a going deep into the ground with a bore hole. The site now has outdoor taps set up at regular points as well as solar panels for electricity, though he may need more in the future for his longer terms plans. You can follow his journey on the land in his vlog on his YouTube Channel.

Every day bought special moments, but I was not just there to admire, I wanted to help. The first job was with a tree that been split by lighting and the fallen part was in the neighbours field. After, having faced a number of cold months without heating when he first bought the land, Pierre wanted to claim the wood from the tree to use in in a wood burner he is wanting to put in his cabin and so set about starting to chainsaw the nearly half tree into smaller bits, which I helped move into an every-growing wood pile on his land. It felt God-sent, that this amount of wood was available for his use and without having to cut down any trees.

The other task was that the roof on Pierre’s cabin needed clearing of leaves and moss ready for checking for repairs to ensure it is water tight. I am a bit afraid of heights, but with some practical advice from Pierre and breathing through the fear I climbed the ladder and got to work. It was fun, in that I could see the land from my viewpoint, sheltered from the sun by a beautiful big tree just behind the cabin. It’s so important to stay grounded, focused and in your body for any physical task but especially if they are potentially dangerous and so it was a good exercise for me to stay present. I have spent a good amount of my life disconnected from my body either through trauma or an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. This year I have really started to work on being more present, which allows me to feel more and actually it is a much happier place to be even if the feelings in your body are uncomfortable. Outside of my body, I often get into a kind of mental spin and anxiety but being in it, time slows down and I function much better and am softer and more sensitive, which feels beautiful after so many years away. I also feel my hurt child is sort of being called back to have her voice.

Because Pierre is setting up the site for visitors one of the things he wanted was signs made to put in various areas and knowing I was creative, asked me if I could create some signs. I grabbed at the chance, as he had found some beautiful pieces of wood and I had mentioned to him the couple of times I had done wood work I had loved it so much. So I had an opportunity to make the signs from scratch – first preparring the wood, cutting and shaping it, then painting onto it. I was given clear instructions on how to use the various tools – electric sander, circular saw and jigsaw and was then trusted to get on with it. I had a lot of emotions come up about being a woman – “women can’t do that,” “you’re incapable, stupid etc.” “that’s a man job” etc. Old multi-generational false beliefs. Again feeling them and staying present to use the tools safely was a good process and it may have been worse if I had been around a man who actually had all those judgements in him.

As you can see from the photo I am very happy at my work station! I absolutely loved it! None of what I was did was perfect, but it didn’t need to be and that wasn’t the expectation. I became passionately fully immersed in the task, watching as the wood changed under my hands and the beautiful smells of pine and maybe cedar that tingled my nose, as well as the beautiful grain and patterns revealed in the sanding and cutting.

Me at the my work bench with the outdoor kitchen area behind

I started with the main signs for the gates and I still have much to do, but making, creating and painting outdoors with nature buzzing, humming and singing all around me made me so happy.

I am feeling parts of my real self again and this trip really allowed this – I was doing things and expressing myself in ways I really wanted to. I can see how utterly suppressed I have been for most of my life. I have been living in monochrome when actually I am very colourful! If this is just the beginning of reclaiming Maxine, I have no idea where it will eventually lead but I don’t need to know. I just want to keep taking the steps I need to open up my soul and be the child God created me to be.

We also explored some of the places around the land, visiting old towns with castles, swam in a nearby lake, discovered a beautiful waterfall. It is so much more relaxed than England the people warm and friendly. I feel extremely grateful to have received so many gifts in those two weeks – emotionally, physically (lots of lovely fruits and salads) and spiritually. I felt myself soften and it feel freeing. It is such an effort not to be soft – to keep holding on.

I have had more focus this year. Firstly, to learn to be more present in my body and allow myself to feel more. The other one is “to do the opposite of what fear dictates” ( a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt) and the third is to let myself create, because this is a huge part of my soul. So I have been doing lots of small things, two challenging workshops to bring up emotions, creating and doing new things for work, having some art classes to challenge my blocks and then this trip which I felt so drawn (despite fears) to do. Moving out of living in fear is a powerful thing and even though the biggest fear I am still working on – allowing myself to surrender into intense emotions – I can really feel the benefits already of taking action on my fear.

It felt like this trip was some positive feedback. Pierre has had the courage to take action on his desires and we both had to be humble to what came up in those two weeks, but I love what he is doing with the land. I loved Portugal and I know I am going back.

Please do take a look at his website – there you can read more about what he is doing and why as well as the principles of what he is doing. He currently has to do some other work to support himself, but would love to dedicate his time to the land and future plans, so will appreciate any donations very much. The more of us who take action, refine and purify our desires in harmony with God’s Love and Truth the more we can assist others as this world goes through such huge change. I heard in a video a few weeks ago, Jesus define courage as this:

“Courage is a deep love for God’s Love and Truth so that it motivates you to be consistent, no matter the outcome because you know and have faith that the outcome will always eventually be good.”

A bit different than most of us think of it hey?

When I am outdoors in nature, feel and see its abundance, function and beauty, I can’t help be reminded that only a good and loving God would create such a home for us. A God that loves that much must be worth facing a few fears for. Nature, whether it is an ant carrying a huge leaf or looking up at a million stars in the night sky reminds us of the bigger picture, the longer road, the journey to a better destination. Our current pain is a temporary blip on a much vaster horizon, a brighter sun, deeper love and everlasting joy – if we choose it.

But we also owe nature something – we have abused this beautiful home terribly. We are destroying it and that is utterly insane. This project is just one small project, but the intention to love is powerful and there are more and more rewilding and recovery projects happening across the world. However, we often judge how things should be from what we understand of history and do not truly know how the earth should look as we do not have the full history of our lives on this planet currently. The only way to know truly is to know its Creator – to have a relationship with the One who loved us enough to create an abundant earth. This is why I feel learning to recover the land by opening to God’s Truth and Love will provide the best answers for the recovery of this planet and for our own happiness and health.

It’s a wonderful thing to watch things coming back to life and its a wonderful thing to not live in fear. God wants that for us – for us to come back to life, to have courage and faith. It’s taken me too long to start to understand this, but even in my stuckness, stubbornness and self-reliant I always came back and always knew that the Divine Truth teachings are and were the answer. As my blog indicates, it has been a bit of a slow, haphazard journey until recently, when it’s all I think about. Could it be that I swapping Fear as my God? I hope so!

I hope you enjoyed my tale of Portugal and are inspired by it. There is more to this story, but that is for another day…. 🙂


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