I found a booklet I made tonight – from about 2017. I was inspired by a couple I knew who just seemed to fit together – they seemed like the same person. I was also experiencing that feeling watching my friends, Jesus and Mary grow closer together over the years. Knowing them from 2012 I have watched their soulmate relationship grow and along with the amazing truth they share about soulmates based on their 2000 year relationship with each other and with God, it moved me to write. Since writing this, their relationship has continued to grow and I can’t really see one of them without the other one. They just work together, they feel like one person and it really makes my heart sing and gives me hope for myself and faith in God’s Way. This is my version of what they teach and if you want to know more, please visit the Divine Truth YT channel and search for everything on soulmate relationships, sex and sexuality. I hope you enjoy…

image by Pauline Heidmets on Unsplash

Eons ago, God existed as He always had, infinitely loving and infinitely creative. God loves to create: it is an innate part of His being, just as a blazing, unconditional love is. Then one day, there came a time, when God wanted to share His Love and to create something that could learn to understand this Love, want to receive it and to want to share their love with God. So God came up with an idea to create beings that were in His likeness, not in a physical way because God is not physical in the traditional way. She is a soul – the Great Oversoul , a being of great light beyond our comprehension. So the meaning of in this likeness is more to do with God’s soul qualities and attributes, such as personality traits, many passions, desires, intention, creativity and of course love. Yes, it is true, God desired children: children who could grow and discover and because they were made by God had the potential to grow infinitely. And this is the story of that creation and as you will see like all stories of creation it is about the circle of life: this is the beginning and the ending is yet to be.

God being a great creator knew that first his children would need somewhere to live, somewhere to play and so before he created them he created this universe, all the planets and particularly planets that could sustain life. At the moment we only know of one, and that is the Earth and the Earth was beautiful, much more beautiful that it is today, because at that time it was unharmed and flourishing.

But even before She created the universe, God created many Laws. They were not laws designed to punish as taught in religious doctrine, they were laws to keep Her children safe, to provide a constant source demonstrating what Love and Truth really is – the source of our ultimate joy when we are in harmony with them.  They ranged from simple physical laws, such as the Law of Gravity, through to Spiritual Laws and Soul Based and Divine Laws, such as the Law of Forgiveness and Repentance and the Law of Divine Love. The word “Law” always creates some anxiety when read as we interpret them in our limited human way, and mostly based in fear, but fear not because as you will see all of God’s choices and decisions are based in real Love and absolute Truth. So stay open, my friends, with what you are about to hear.

So all was prepared; God had thought of everything that was needed to provide for Her children and so She then created Her children. We cannot imagine the amount of Love that went into this creation: it must have reverberated across space and if anything created a Big Bang, I think Love did because the creation of Her children, of the millions of little souls, all carrying something of God’s personality and attributes, was and is the pinnacle of Her creation. Never before had God created anything so complex and wonderful and with so much potential. I still feel we cannot comprehend yet how great this was and is, because my friends, most of us have not reached a nth of our potential.

But I digress…God created millions and millions of perfect little souls who existed somewhere high above and around the earth. The souls are happy of in that existence, but until they incarnate on earth, are not aware of their individuality and have yet to learn about Love. Also, to be clear they are not at this stage, divine in nature, there is no innate Divine spark, only the Hand that created them: they are just human souls, who have the capacity, through their own choice to become Divine.

The qualities that are innate are all in our soul: our emotions and our personality as well as our passions, desires, intentions, memories and much more. Our real selves are our souls. Also, God created us with an innate longing for God, our true parent and an innate longing for our soulmate. God also gave us the greatest gift She could; the gift of Free Will. God wanted us to choose to Love, to choose our actions and to choose what we created. She did not want obedient robots, she wanted alive, emotional, passionate, enquiring, creative souls and to become this God created the process of incarnation. A soul would need to experience itself in a body to learn and discover who it was: hence the creation of the physical world and the spirit world. Most of us are only aware of the physical existence, but God also created a spiritual existence and when a soul incarnates a physical body is created, but also a spiritual body, which can exist beyond the physical. So until our physical body dies we have two bodies.

Each whole soul also has a mixture of feminine and masculine qualities, just like it’s Creator. Most souls have a fairly equal balance of these qualities but there are also a number of souls who contain predominately feminine qualities and a number of souls who contain predominately masculine qualities. This is important to understand before we get on to the next stage of the incarnation process: the creation of soulmates.

To incarnate a soul must split in half: one half will always go first and the second half will follow a short time after – months or years, but never at a time difference that would prevent them from meeting and being together on earth, if they choose to. Each soul half will have its own physical body and also a spirit body. They physical body is connected to the spirit body by a silver cord that will only break when the physical body ceases to function and dies. Both bodies are joined and encompassed by the soul half and both soul halves are joined by another cord. It doesn’t matter how faraway from each other they are, even if one is still in the physical and one has passed to spirit life, the cord exists and each half affects each other, because they are after all one soul.

This is what a soulmate truly means: your soulmate is the other half of your soul. There is no other definition. You only have one soulmate. Logically, it is impossible to have many soulmates when your soulmate is literally your other half and only two halves make a whole.

The souls that God designed with a balance of feminine and masculine qualities will be heterosexual. One half will incarnate into a female body and one half into a male body. If the whole soul is predominately masculine then both halves will incarnate into two male bodies and if the whole soul is predominately female it will incarnate into two female bodies: homosexual soulmates. As you can see from this, logically, we cannot be bisexual in our pure state. Anything beyond what I have described is created from multi-generational gender and sexuality wounds that have happened over time by our choices to that are out of harmony with God’s Loving Laws.

God created soulmates to help us individualise more. The two halves have the power to discover themselves and each other: discovering your soulmate is to discover more of yourself. It also means that God created for us, the perfect partner: a partner who has a similar personality, and the same main passions and desires. Each half may have a certain slightly different strengths for the whole soul. For example, one half may have a stronger capacity for communication and one for science, but overall the other half of your soul IS your perfect match and in that capacity there is a capacity for each to develop in the same areas as the other half. A soulmate relationship has the capacity for a truly, truly great love and together can create powerfully and have a joyful existence together. Sadly, at the moment, most of us are unaware we even have a soulmate and in fact we have many beliefs that there are “plenty of fish in the sea.” I will try to explain what happened and why it is so important we need to reveal and experience the truth of soulmates.

A half of a soul is incarnated by a law of attraction from its parents on earth. We do not choose our parents, they choose us, depending on their own soul condition and personality: attracting the right new soul half that will aid the parents souls development. Our children are a gift from God on so many levels, they can teach us much about ourselves and what we may need to heal, but they also help us learn about love. Our role as temporary parents, for God is everyone’s real parent, is to guide, teach and nurture so that the child is made ready to be self-responsible, loving and truthful.

For the first incarnation, God gave a helping hand and the first human couple were placed on the earth at an age they were able to care for themselves and they had no error: they were in a good soul condition of the perfected human – with natural love in their soul. Their names were Amon and Aman: a soulmate couple. They had free will to choose anything they wanted, including a relationship with God. Unfortunately, they chose to want to become God and, in that moment, they became self-reliant, not God reliant and therefore God could not share her Love with them, as they did not ask for this. This was the first sin and overtime these rebellious children and the generations that followed wondered far from God and their soul condition deteriorated. We became arrogant and believed we could discover everything without God and our view of ourselves and the Universe was seen through our limited and now corrupt vision.

So, what of soulmates?

 As we grew in our self-reliance and error, the concept of soulmates was also lost. God had created us to only have a sexual relationship with our soulmate, but instead we chose to have sexual relationships with others. We started to focus on our physical existence only, sometimes the metaphysical, but we lost sight of the truth that our real self was our soul and that we were one half of a whole soul. Much dis-ease, emotional error and false beliefs about gender and sexuality over generations, up until our modern day beliefs where we have numerous partners and remain very disconnected from our souls or even the knowledge that souls exist.

For most of us, we often have a longing at different times in our lives for ‘the One’ but because of negative experiences most become jaded, cynical and shut down. We chose co-dependent relationships or superficial flings where we take what we need but are often left feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. Yet we rarely, truly investigate why. We accept all this as normal.

But is far from normal in God’s eyes. God still see as complete souls existing as two halves, but never totally separate. God lives in a soul union state of endless truly blissful love and joy. She wants that for us and knows that as soulmates we have the potential to attain the greatest joy.

How do find our soulmate? How do we heal all those emotional injuries about sex, gender, worth and others?

Two ways exist. One is the natural love way – where we can work through our injuries, our error one by one on our own, working to become a more loving person. We can do this without desiring to know God. It is path that leads to greater joy, but it is slow, can take thousands of years and even if we do and reach the highest state of natural love in the 6th sphere of existence, we still may not discover the truth of soulmates or be with our soulmate.

The only way to truly understand soulmates is to want to discover it by developing a relationship with God. Do you remember we were made in the likeness of our Father and that our Father is in a state of soul union – a complete, whole soul? As this is the case, in the likeness of God, by knowing God, we will learn the truth of soulmates and that we can progress so greatly, way beyond the 6th sphere to a point of soul union – the conscious re-joining of the two halves – a state of pure joy, sexual union and creative force.

This way is called God’s Way of Love where we desire a relationship with God and we develop a passionate, sincere longing to receive God’s Love. As soon as we have that longing God’s we can receive God’s Love into our soul and this powerful, unconditional Love will begin to transform our soul. It will expose all the error emotionally and we will learn the truths of God’s existence, His Love for us as well as all other truths of the Universe will come to us over time as we receive more and more of this Love, through our free will choice.

God’s Love is overwhelming, more real than anything you have ever felt and God shares Truth with us at the same time. It may be truth we need to know about ourselves, about others or anything else in the Universe, including of course the truth that we have a soulmate and when we reach a certain point, we will know who that soulmate is.

It is true that sometimes during our lives we do meet our soulmate and sometimes we may marry them, unaware of who they are. We may be in a co-dependent relationship with them, or we may reject them, because they don’t meet some standard or ideal we have in our minds. We can stay in complete ignorance about this beautiful gift God has for us.

That is why I write this, to share this wonderful – sometimes confronting Truth. Confronting because meeting our soulmate will expose our deepest wounds, our false beliefs and corrupt faith. It will not be all roses and chocolates – maybe for a long period of time, but it will be real and besides opening to God’s Love, it will be the greatest opportunity of our lives to discover who we really are, what real intimacy is and what it is like to share our lives with someone who just fits. It will feel like truly coming home.

We will have to have deep humility and faith in God’s Way, to stay committed to a soulmate relationship, to ride the waves of the painful emotions that will need to be felt as our wounds are opened, ready for deep healing. But we allow this, we will change, we will learn about Love, live more honesty, our hearts will soften, and our creativity will grow. Our soul halves will become closer, more powerful and have greater impact. If we are both receiving God’s Love to the point of healing everything in our error in our soul and becoming at one with God we will pass into the 8th Sphere – become divine angels and progress together in the Celestial realms.

Our soul will grow closer to God and closer to each other until we choose to join consciously as a whole soul again in a very high state of Love in the 36th sphere. I do not know this condition, but I have heard from others about it and I don’t think words can contain the beauty and richness of that life, of that Love. We are in union with God and feeling God’s Love all the time and we are in constant and eternal union with the other half of our soul: the greatest and most incredible permanent honeymoon if you like – beyond our collective imaginations.

God knows what will bring us an incredible life and it is far removed from how we live currently on earth. God only calls to us to receive Her Love because She knows it is the key to us being freer, more ourselves and happier than we have dreamt of and to add to that dream is our perfect mate – the One made for us.

I used to dream of the One when I was young and had a longing and a sense of someone, before life threw it’s storms at me and for a long time I lost hope, and like many of us, translated attention, emotional bartering for Love. Now, I am deeply grateful to know that the longings of my young heart were true. I was not dreaming a Utopian dream, a fantasy – I was innately aware of a reality that existed for me once I searched for the Truth and longed for the One. Now, having experienced so much of the negative side of human created ‘relationships and my own mistakes so many times, I am relieved to know God’s Truth about soulmates: that there is a missing piece of me, and its not that my half is inadequate or worth less, but that that I am worth more because of him. I know that by seeing the beauty of the other half of me, I see the beauty within myself reflected back at me. Also, what I feel is that I can have the Love I have longed for all my life. I will need to do some emotional soul-based work: face my greatest fears, feel my deepest shame and grief, but it is pain with a purpose this time and temporary.

And I am not alone – God is there, encouraging me, loving me through it all. God wants this for me – for you. God is central to the soulmate relationship. I do not see them separately. Developing my relationship with God, receiving Her Love, will take me home to myself – my whole self and all the lack of love I have had these past 50 odd years will seem like a dot on the horizon one day, a faint memory.  Fifty years in an eternity is nothing.

So dear friends, do not despair and do not believe the world’s view on this – seek God’s. Have faith, develop courage and humility and the truth will come as will the greatest Love. Be curious and seeking of the One made for you and lean into the beautiful true story of soulmates.

by Maxine Bell @2017


  1. Really enjoying your Blogs. I will pray tonight for god to help me write as good as you do one day
    Keep going sister, you are inspiring. Thanks muchly, from a brother down under. Alan

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  2. Olá my mate,
    That’s a great overview text, very clearly stated!
    Needs to be first edited, then it could be put into audio form, also in a children illustrated book, an adult book, and video with story board as Phoebe did.
    Lot’s of beautiful projects!

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