Every service I offer and all of the information on this website is given as a gift, free of charge. Gift economy operates on a ‘free will’ basis. It is a more loving system, particulary if the gift being offered is done from a place of passionate desire on the part of the giver (self love) and it allows others to show gratitude and love for the gift from those receiving (love of others). It is closer to God’s Way of Loving.

If you have enjoyed my content and resources either here or on my YouTube Channel the details for donation are below. I do not use Paypal. If you are in the UK and want to transfer directly into my account please email at thetruthofitall.co.uk@gmail.com

I love making content that shares the Truth and I have a number of projects I would like to do that require funds, including my ability to stop the self-employed contract work I do so donations will enable me to do this.


  1. To publish a book I wrote for 14-25 year olds ( though much in it can apply to anyone). Main themes of the book are self worth/ the three selves/ self-awareness/self responsiblity/ practical help to help yourself/ emotions/outside your comfort zone/ challenges/self-care/sex and sexuality/finding your passions. A hybrid publisher (helps with editing, cover design and production, but I still have a lot of say) has offered to publish for £3995. I am also looking at self-publishing.
  2. Better recording equipment for my videos: cameras x 2 (for interviews), lighting and stands as well as editing software
  3. Art projects – I have already designed a special colouring book drawn by hand, which I have to scan in and work on with a wacom (gifted to me). Ideally an ipad and procreate are my preferred options and adobe photoshop.
  4. Writing projects – include children’s books, poetry books and analogies.
  5. I also have some land projects coming up – more on that later.

Donations can be sent here and thank you so much in advance:

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