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I refer to Divine Truth and Mary and Jesus in many of my blogs, as it was part of the reason I was inspired to start this blog and share the beautiful gift of these teachings. So it felt right to give a short explanation:

Divine Truth teachings are teaching God’s Way of Love, also called the Divine Love Path or The Way.

The Way is a spiritual path that can heal and transform our souls by desiring a relationship with God and asking to receive God’s Love into our soul.

It is being taught by AJ Miller and Mary Luck who are Jesus and Mary Magdalene who have been teaching the Way for 2000 years – first here on earth and then in spirit world. After reaching a very high condition of love in spirit world they discovered that they could return to earth and returned, along with 12 others to teach God’s Truth, (Divine Truth) to assist people to have a personal relationship with God.

I will quote from the Divine Truth website introduction page:

Divine Truth is God’s Truth, the Absolute Scientific Truth of the Universe as known by God. It has existed as long as God has, and continues to exist whether humankind discovers it, or attempts to ignore it, as we often do.

Humankind, ever since their creation, has been in the process of discovering this truth, through the collective and personal experience of being born onto the planet, and then growing within the framework of God’s Universal Laws.

Historically, humankind engaged in the discovery of God’s Truth through experimentation, often by accident, but sometimes organised and planned. Because of this generally disorganised process, humankind’s discovery of Divine Truth is often slow, and unfortunately, littered with partial truths. Subsequently the majority of God’s Truth remains undiscovered and unknown to the average human.

Jesus was the first human to discover God’s Way. He investigated and discovered how to have a personal relationship with God, to receive God’s love and heal all the error in his soul ( there is much more detail here ). He was not and is not God, but just the first to discover something, something that God had wanted us to discover from the beginning.

Once Jesus had healed all error from his soul and received enough of God’s Love he not only became a perfected man, but was transformed into a new being: a Divine Angel: also called At-One-Ment with God. He was the first and since then many more have joined him, including of course, his soulmate, Mary Magdelene.

Unfortunately, the teachings were altered, following his death in the first century and so the gift was not received by mankind as hoped for. So Jesus and Mary and 12 of their friends have returned to share the teachings again, correcting falsehoods and coming in an age when everything can be recorded and shared across the globe easily. They know from experience how beautiful it is to have a personal relationship with God is and what eternal happiness it brings and want to give us all a chance to experience that.

The teachings include a ton of information on God, the Universe, the purpose of life on earth, Spirit world, Love, Truth, Humility, Emotions, Relationships, How the Human Soul functions,Soulmates, Parenting, Sin and much more.

***Please note that I am learning about Divine Truth and living God’s Way and at the moment most of my ‘knowing’ is intellectual and I still have much soul based change to go through to truly accept and know this Truth in my soul. Jesus very clearly teaches and I know from personal experience that ‘knowing’ in your mind is more just an intellectual understanding/comprehension. Knowing God’s Truth is an emotional, soul based experience where we have learnt something for certain. Because of this, my interpretation of Divine Truth teaching may not always be correct and if you are curious about Divine Truth/God’s Way please go to the source of what I am talking about. Links below:

YouTube Divine Truth Channel (The Secrets of the Universe talks that appear first give good overall information on Divine Truth teachings)

YouTube Divine Truth FAQs

YouTube Divine Truth Clips

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