During my blog posts I often use terms that some of you may not be familiar with. Some are explained in the section of Divine Truth and in my articles themselves, but I felt it would be helpful to have a glossary where you can look up terms more easily to gain a clearer understanding of what I am talking about.

I will be adding to them in the next few weeks. They will be in alphabetical order for easy reference. These are very brief explanations and my personal understanding of the terms so there may be some error in them, which I will tweak as my own understanding increases and where I can’t explain I use definitions that Jesus and Mary have given. For further information please refer to the links on the EXTRAS page of my website, where more precise and accurate understanding is available from the Divine Truth teachings. It is exciting, empowering information. Enjoy.

ABSORPTION: The principle that we can not change unless the the thing that is preventing change is released from ourselves ( our soul). We can not absorb any new truth while error exists in the soul on that same subject and we can not absorb any new error while truth exists in the soul on the same subject.

ADDICTIONS: Are the result of suppressing emotions. They are the emotional reliance on something/someone to avoid an emotion. We create “desires” that suppress, resist, deny or substitute other more painful emotions. They exist in our soul and they are difficult to give up because they are a powerful tool. They can be emotional ( where we want a feelings from someone else/ our environment  eg to feel attractive ) or they can be physical ( situation that make you feel comfortable eg TV, exercise, nature.  Both types can be insidious and are often accepted as normal by society. Then the last type is substance addictions ( drugs, alchohol, food, coffee etc) and seem to make the painful emotion go away.

You will know if it’s an addiction as when you can’t get it you will get angry.


DIVINE TRUTH: Truth from God’s perspective which is Absolute Truth.  (different from the human interpretation of truth, which can vary from person to person and is therefore not absolute and also influenced by human error and  misunderstanding. God is perfect and perfected in Love and therefore has a correct understanding of Truth)

DIVINE LOVE: God’s Love.  This is different to natural love ( see below)

DOMINANCE:  The principle that our soul has been created to dominate the mind and everything else – every facet of our being. If we believe the mind is dominant we’re working in direct disharmony with our creation.

EARTHBOUND SPIRITS: Spirits who through unhealed error-based emotions and/or false beliefs continue to live on earth after the death of their physical body.

EMOTIONS: Energy from the soul of an individual that is projected outwards. It has to flow to be an emotion ( energy in motion).

FACADE: A facade is created when we make a choice to refuse to feel terror and be emotionally overwhelmed by pain. The facade causes more pain and sin. We are taught to fear our pain as children, which goes against our natural ability to feel pain and release it instantly, without fear. Our facade is created to suppress our hurt child/self. It is created because our real selves weren’t accepted. However, we build up the facade further as adults to avoid our pain. It is a method of controlling our lives. It is very adult in nature, but contains all of our addictions so it’s qualities are not good. It’s controllling, addicted, compulsive, obsessive, manipulative, passive aggressive, resistive, confrontational, argumentative, cruel, abusive, mean, arrogant, egotistical, proud, insensitive, un-animated or false in its animation, unexpressive or false in it’s expressive, reserved, guarded, dishonest, insincere, apathetic, unfeeling, rigid, unconcerned, thoughtless, selfish, self-absorbed, narcisstic, reckless and irresponsible and many more similar things. We all have a facade/facades. It is not our true self, but we often think it is.



GOD: A separate individual entity/being: our parent and creator, containing both male and female qualities, personality, attributes and qualities. Infinite, unconditionally loving, perfect. ( that is containing no negative emotions such as anger).          

ie: God is not a consciousness or an energy and is not automatically within us. We are not all divine. We have the ability to become divine, but through our free will and choice in asking to receive God’s love.

GOD’S LAWS: God’s laws are the Absolute laws of the universe. They were created before us and are totally in harmony with God’s Love. They exist to support our free will, but to teach us about Love and Truth. There are many laws, some physical laws, spiritual laws, laws of natural love and laws of Divine Love (the highest laws) . They support our physical, spiritual and soul existence. They provide a feed back system to show us when we are out of harmony with Love and in harmony with Love.

HUMILITY: A sincere, passionate desire to feel all of our feelings all of the time and a sincere, passionate desire to know the truth.


INCARNATION:  A whole soul splits into two halves when a couple have sexual intercourse and at conception,one half of a soul incarnates or embodies a life on earth. At conception a physical and spirit body are formed (and co exist) to allow that soul to experience life on earth and individualise. When the physical body dies that half soul can continue to live in its spirit body in the spirit world.

The other half of the soul incarnates at a later date into different bodies ( physical and spirit bodies).






PRECLUSION: The principle that while truth exists on a certain subject in the soul, error can not exist in the soul on the same subject and while error exists on a certain subject in the soul, truth can not exist on the same subject.

PRESENCE: The principle that for truth to be present and absorbed by the soul love must also be present.

PROGRESSION: The principle that true progression ( of the soul) can only be obtained through and emotional process that will involve both pain ( associated with emotion related to error) and pleasure ( associated with emotion related to truth). If the soul denies either pain or pleasure progression can not occur.

REINCARNATION: When one or both halves of a soul incarnate for a second time on earth, but inhabiting a new physical body. This can ONLY happen once two halves of a soul have reunited in soul union to become one soul again in the 36th sphere – at the moment the highest existing sphere in spirit world. (Please see spirit world below). Jesus was the first person to reincarnate ever in 1962. He and his soul mate and 6 other souls ( so 14 people) all chose to return to earth in order to teach divine truth and correct the errors that have existed on earth, from mis-intepretations of Jesus’ teachings in the first century. Their choice to return from such a blissful existence in the 36th sphere was an act of pure love.  ( Please email me if you would like to understand more about reincarnation as currently taught by Jesus and I can send you some links)

RESISTANCE: The principle that truth enters the soul when there is no emotional impediment as error resisting the absorption of the truth and error enters the soul when there is no emotional impediment as truth resisting the absorption of the error. Emotional impediments are under the control of the will of the individual in that the will can be exercised to emotionally release the reason for resistance and this is part of humility.

SIN:is the existence of will or desire in disharmony with God’s Love an Principles, or the absence of will and desire in harmony with God’s Love and Principles, whether the will or desire is acted upon or not.        (This definition is taken from the outline of Understanding Sin Assistance Group – – as written by Jesus )

SOUL: God created souls, as her children in order to share her love. God has created billions of souls. The soul exists before it incarnates, but does not have an awareness of itself. Incarnation is the process by which the soul learns about it’s individuality. To incarnate the soul splits into two halves.  Our soul is the real us. It contains emotions, intentions, passions, desires, memories, our personality and much more. Our soul can be damaged and lower in it’s condition of love or it can heal and grow in love and expand and the it’s possibilities are far, far beyond what we currently understand on earth. Our physical and spirit bodies are encompassed and connected to our soul. If you want to know more check out “How the Human Soul Functions” on Divine Truth FAQ youtube channel.

SOULMATES: Soulmates are two halves of the same soul. They incarnate separately, and each half has it’s own physical body and it’s own spirit body.One half will incarnate first and normally from any time period up to 20 years the second half will incarnate. Each half will individualise and learn about natural love during it’s life. Our soulmate is the perfect mate for us and will have similar personality traits, passions and desires: this is a beautifully, loving design by God. We can meet our soul mate any time in our life, but we are more likely to attract them the more progressed in love we are. While we have emotional injuries, we may not even recognise our soulmate when we meet them or even reject them. Our soulmate is likely to trigger our deepest wounds for healing so it can start off very challenging. There is very little known on earth about the truth of soulmates on earth so there is a lot of misinformation. If we discover the truth about soulmates and are willing to be humble in growing in this relationship, to progressing in Love, we have the opportunity to experience the perfect relationship. (lot’s of great talks available on this subject).

SOUL UNION: Following incarnation, and individualisation and a progression of Love to the 36th sphere, two halves of a soul join back together in a state of bliss called soul union.

SPIRITS: People who have passed after the death of their physical bodies , but continue to live in their spirit bodies in spirit world or many currently are earth bound. (for many reasons – ignorance, false beliefs and mostly to get addictions met)N

SPIRIT BODY: Our spirit body is created at the time of conception along with our physical bodies. They co-exist and are connected by a silver cord. At the time of the death of our physical body the silver cord snaps and we continue to live just in our spirit body.

SPIRIT WORLD: This is where we exist in our spirit bodies. This includes our sleep state, when our physical body is resting and our spirit body can travel, but stays connected via the silver cord. Or when our the cord snaps and our physical body dies we can ( and it is better for our soul to go to spirit world and not stay earthbound) live in spirit world. Spirit world is made up of many spheres all separated by boundaries of Love. The lowest sphere is the first sphere and is the current condition of earth. It ranges from the lowest levels, the hells, to the highest part of the first sphere which is a place a bit more beautiful than the the beautiful parts of the earth. Each sphere above is related to a higher condition of love and is brighter and more beautiful as you up. Our individual soul condition will take us to the correct sphere. However, unlike the Bible teaches we are not stuck in one place for eternity. Every soul, even the darkest soul can make a choice to face the truth and have a desire to change and improve his condition. As soon as a sincere plea for change is heard by God, help is available and that soul is assisted to move to an improved place – the right place to help them progress.

We can progress through the first six spheres to be come perfected in natural love, without God. The six spheres are amazing and we have the power to create incredible things there. Progression in natural love to the sixth sphere is good, but can take 100’s or 1000’s of years. However, this is not the highest progression we can make. If we choose to seek God and a relationship with him and receive her Divine Love we can progress a lot faster and progress past the sixth sphere until we become At-One with God by the 8th sphere: and become a divine being or Divine Angel ( the 7th being a transitional sphere between the two states). (Jesus was the first human to reach this At- One -Ment state). We move beyond just being human, are perfected in natural love, but also have received a lot of God’s love and gain naturally from that much knowledge about God and God’s laws and the universe. We can continue to receive more and more of God’s love and progress through the spheres. The 8th sphere and above are often called the heavenly spheres. When we reach the 22nd sphere we can not progress further without our soul mate, but by then our condition of love would have attracted our soul mate – though magnetism.  Each sphere is created by the soul condition of souls so as Jesus and other progressed a new sphere was created. This also applies to the lower spheres as man degrades a new lower sphere was created. The 36th sphere is where soul union takes place and is currently the highest existing sphere.

SUPPRESSION: The principle that a person using their will to suppress any one emotion in their soul will also suppress the entire soul and be therefore unable to experience all emotions to their full extent, whether the emotion being suppressed is pleasurable or painful.

THE HELLS: ( see also spirit world definition) The hells are the lower part of the first sphere of the spirit world. God’s laws work that “what you sow so shall you reap.” If we have committed a lot of sin our soul condition will have darkened over time, from a lack of love in us,  and when we pass, we will pass into the hells. The hells are full of people with lots of rage, vengeance, hate, anger and fear. However, it is not a place of eternal damnation. It is a a place where we are confronted with the results of our unloving actions in order that we feel its effects to our own soul, but also to the souls of all those we have hurt – unconsciously or consciously. God is waiting for us to feel the truth of our actions and the truth of our soul condition. As soon as we awaken to our sin and have a desire to change we move instantly into a different place within the first sphere, where we can receive lots of help from spirits in a more loving condition. Because of free will, they can only help us once we are open to that help. Then it is through the use of our will in a more loving way that we can choose to release these dark emotions and repent. Everything, even is in the Hells is based in love – God wants us to discover our true selves, to learn about love and to be happy.